Water ring vacuum pump fault and the solution - that may occur

by:J&T     2020-07-02

water ring vacuum water pump in use for a long time, due to component aging or improper use, might fail, affect work efficiency. If a targeted treatment failure, can reduce maintenance costs, equipment can also be in good condition. Below is a brief description of several points, hope to be able to help you:

the first, degree of vacuum pump is not

the possible reasons: lack of electrical power to speed; Water supply is insufficient; Excessive clearance between impeller and distributing plate; Mechanical seal damage, leading to a leaking gas leakage; Excessive wear of impeller; Circulating water can't drain.

elimination method: check whether the power supply voltage on the motor rated voltage range; To increase water supply ( Must be controlled within the scope of the right, otherwise it will cause the motor overload and heating) ; Adjust the clearance between the impeller and the distributor plate ( As a general rule, be 0. 15 - 0. 20 mm) ; Replacement of mechanical seals; Replacement impeller; See the pipe nozzle.

second, water ring vacuum pump can't start or noisy

the possible reasons: lack of motor power supply voltage; Motor phase operation. long-term need not lead to rust; Suction pump inside the sundry goods; Drag the splitter impeller plate.

elimination method: check whether the power supply voltage is too low; Check the electrical wiring is strong; If you don't use pump for a long time, can add rust remover or turn on the pump cover to remove rust. Open the pump cover, removing debris; Adjust the distance between the impeller and the distribution plate.

third, motor overheating

the possible reasons: water supply too much lead to motor overload; Motor open phase; Air vent is blocked; Impeller drag other parts.

elimination method: to reduce water supply to the normal range ( Refer to the pump for fluid volume in the operating instructions) ; Check the wiring is strong; Check the outlet; Open the pump cover, adjust the clearance between the impeller and other components.

4, the shortage of water ring vacuum pump flow

the possible reasons: pipeline leakage; Increases resistance losses;

elimination method: check the mechanical seal joint; Check the pipe and check whether there is a fault.

to speck above water ring vacuum pump possible faults and the summary of the solution, provides some experience for related personnel, to everyone in the later use to better understand and use the equipment.

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