Watching this time solve the problem of water ring vacuum pump selection _

by:J&T     2020-06-04

how many clients will ask me how to selection of water ring vacuum pump? Small make up today is to introduce you to everyone. Watching this time can solve the problem of water ring vacuum water pump selection.

1, should try to choose low speed specification

at present, our country application is 2 be series water ring vacuum pump. It is a kind of axial suction and exhaust of single pump. The same specifications have a variety of speed. When the inlet pressure between 200 hpa and 600 hpa, exhaust pressure 800 hpa. When ~ 1013 hpa, the impeller blades of cylindrical linear velocity should be 14 - 17m / s。 Due to the impeller diameter is larger, the large size of the pump with smaller diameter. Therefore, on the premise of achieve the same pumping ability, should choose as far as possible. For low pump, large pump are lower than those of power consumption, higher efficiency.

in addition, due to the length of the blade, the size of the water ring vacuum water pump is larger, the curvature of the fluid is very small, roughly straight, streamline the flow of fluid flow near slowly changing, produced in the fluid flow and the boundary layer of the secondary vortex. Energy loss is small.

2, should consider the influence of water temperature

due to the domestic and foreign water ring vacuum pump performance curve and the technical data of the technical documentation is on the premise of inlet water temperature of 15 ° C, water temperature and water temperature is low or high gas volume. Have introduced more than 15 ° C. Influence coefficient calculation formula.

so, when choosing water ring vacuum pumps, should give full consideration to the actual water temperature on the influence of the volume of a gas. Because of China's most users at 25 ° to 35 ° C temperature C supplement moisture. Therefore, compared with the amount of gas in the technical documentation, shall be appropriately increased pump.

3, the effects of inhaling resistance

because of gas suction position often lower than the bleak look-out, away from the water ring vacuum pump ( Part of the coal mine for several kilometers) And suction line is too long, therefore, water resistance loss should be considered, and the use by coal mining system. The calculation formula for computing the suction resistance. Piping layout, thick straw should be adopted to reduce resistance losses, as far as possible reduce the right-angle bend, reach the purpose of improving the efficiency of suction.

4。 Choose a slight positive pressure exhaust

at present, some coal mine gas emissions to further or compresses it into the storage tanks. Exhaust pressure usually at 0. 02 and 0. Between 5 mpa, G. Because of water ring vacuum pump performance curve of technical documents and technical data are obtained under the discharge pressure of 1 standard atmospheric pressure, therefore should be considered when choosing pump exhaust pressure, and consider the internal backflow. The pump room should be increased. Affects the quantity of pumping.

in addition, as the exhaust pressure increases, the pump shaft power increase, and the associated drive the machine's power also should be increased. In this case, the manufacturer shall be provided in the process of choosing test performance curve and the corresponding technical data, in order to fully meet the requirements of users.

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