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by:J&T     2020-04-26
W type vortex pump is a single-stage cantilever type vortex water pump, the pump inlet and outlet of the vertical direction. Vortex impeller can be freedom movement along the axis, to ensure that the clearance between impeller and the pump body and pump cover on both sides are equal, allowing paper pad clearance adjustment. Shaft seal of pump can be divided into mechanical seal packing seal and single end, pump and motor mounted on a common base. Adopting W type vortex pump is less than 5 e, non-corrosive, viscosity liquid without solid particles, for - delivery time 20℃~+80℃。 The pump is small in size, light weight, appearance generous, easy maintenance. Suitable for chemical, petroleum, textile, electric power and other industrial and mining enterprises in the industrial production water, boiler water supply, heating, water supply, high-rise buildings, fire protection, thermal cycling water, freezing cold beverage manufacturing, canteens, food utensils disinfection of high pressure water supply, etc. The maximum flow of the pump was 14. 4 m3 h or less, the minimum flow rate is 0. 7 m3 h or less, the maximum head is 105 m, the smallest head of 20 m, matching of 11 kW power, minimum power is zero. 75 kw, the speed of 2900 r/min. ( Stainless steel explosion-proof vortex pump W] Product features: 1. Using w-shaped vortex pump from the heat 20 ℃ to + 80 ℃, the viscosity of no more than 5. E, no solid particles, non-corrosive and corrosive liquids. Lift range: 15 meters to 132 meters, traffic by 0. 36 m3 / h to 16. 9立方米/ h2。 There are 10 kinds of types: W type vortex pump 20 25 25 W W W W, 20 W, 32 W 10 W, 30 W, 40 W 50 W and 45 W, 50 W and 45 W, 65 W 50 W 50 W, 20 W, 65 W, 25 W to 70 W, 90 W to 7240 W 32. They are single-stage cantilever type vortex pump. 3. W group is divided into HT20 - vortex pump 40, 1 cr18ni9ti or Cr18Ni12M02Ti cast iron and aluminum. ( With material code H, J, B and M) 4. The seal form of W type vortex pump is a soft packing seal and single mechanical seal. In addition to take single WB and WM pump mechanical seal, all adopt soft packing seal when the pump in the factory. If users need to other types of shaft seal, 5. W type vortex pump rotation direction: from the water pump to the motor counterclockwise direction. A: summary of fluorine plastic magnetic pump next article: stainless steel submerged pump details
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