Visible to the naked eye - heat pump with normal water pump differences

by:J&T     2020-05-20

heat pump and ordinary water pump are quite different in terms of product structure and product performance. Visible difference of heat water pump with ordinary water pump key points include the following three points:

1, motor, high temperature water pump motor copper resistance to high temperature for the whole motor. It can withstand up to 100 ° C temperature. However, different copper can only carry 45 ° C temperature, so it is said that the motor in high temperature condition. Work in a place, even long time work is very difficult.

2, high temperature mechanical seal, the main material is silicon carbide metal, it can take up to 120 ° C temperature, but ordinary mechanical seal can only bear the water temperature of 50 ° C below, therefore the pumping temperature higher water. Many people say water usually boils at 100 ° C. How did at 120 ° C? So, so, you don't have to worry about product heat up.

3, bearings are imported from Germany, can work at the highest under the high temperature of 120 ° C. At home, they can only work under the temperature of less than 50 ° C, so it has become the advantages of high temperature Flygt pumps.

these are the difference between the heat pump and small make up the ordinary water water pump. Heat pump is axial suction centrifugal pump export eccentric high-temperature medium transfer cycle. The transfer medium circulation is no liquid water ( Fiber and heat conduction oil) 。 With simple installation, high temperature resistance, large flow, the characteristics of the wide range of application. Mainly used in high-power mold temperature machine, booster pipeline pumps, boiler water system, woodworking machinery, wind energy technology auxiliary heating equipment and other industries.

heat water pump has the following advantages:

1, smooth operation, coaxial degree is high, the impeller movement is good, stable operation, small vibration;

2, save a space, motor and pump coaxial, Zui area and space, greatly reducing the pump to save construction investment;

3, reliable delivery to ensure that the mechanical seal structure can reduce the medium leakage;

4, in addition to mechanical seal friction pair, no metal friction in the pump, and the performance is stable for a long time.

Whether it's automation or artificial intelligence, the rapid convergence of technology and business often determines water pump’s competitiveness.
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