Vertical pipe pump fault and vibration cause analysis and solution

by:J&T     2020-06-18
Pipeline pump is vertical and horizontal two forms, usually choose vertical pipe pump structure, installed in the middle of the pipeline, parallel import and export in the same position, pipeline pump is divided into: fluorine plastic pipeline pump, stainless steel pipe pump, pump cast iron pipes. Vertical pipe pump in use vibration and failures, how to solve, the following example: a vertical pipe water pump motor driven length, fault equipment for 1879. 6 mm, the diameter of axle for 88. 9 mm, wall thickness of 2. 4 mm shaft. Impeller blade number is 2. Vertical pump pump shaft fracture occurred many times, split close to the impeller gland nut. (the failure phenomenon is: start vibration Big 3 v and 4 v) , impeller gland nut is loose. Subsequently pressure by using epoxy paste on the impeller nut, can effectively prevent the nut is loose. However, after many pump impeller shaft fracture catastrophic damage. Decided to conduct monitoring analysis: determination of vibration; Evaluation of vibration severity; Diagnosis of potential faults; Effective troubleshooting measures are put forward. Second, the vibration measured data and fault analysis 1, vibration measurement show that the 3 v and 4 v measuring point vibration. 3 v of the spectrum of measuring point, 2 * 3570 RPM RPM frequency component amplitude for 16. 51 mm/s peak, and 1 * RPM frequency component amplitude just 4. 60 mm/s peak. Note: the number of impeller blade is 2 slices, leaf through frequency BPF = 2 * RPM. 2, hammer test results: testing the motor by hammering method, and the natural frequency of vibration of the water pump shaft. 4 v to the natural frequency of vibration test spectrum showed that the dominant natural frequency of vibration of 3780 RPM, it has to do with measuring the spectrum of vibration frequency component in the operation of the RPM = 3570 RPM = 2 * blade passing frequency (BPF pump impeller BPF) Only poor 210 RPM or 5. 9%. In addition, there are 2009 RPM shaft cover natural frequency of vibration. Due to the natural frequency of vibration of 3780 RPM is too close to the pump impeller blade by frequency or double frequency 3570 RPM, the rotational speed of pump pump system is easy to arouse resonance. Bearing stiffness test, therefore, reinforcing the pump system, changing the system natural frequency of vibration, “ FM & throughout; ) In order to avoid resonance. Effect of three, fault disposal and strengthening plan of pump system and the vibration measurement comparison shows that the natural frequency of vibration after reinforcement increased to 3960 RPM, raised 180 RPM or 4. 8%, that of the BPF = 2 * RPM excitation frequency stagger effectively and avoid resonance. Total 3 v measuring point vibration from 18. 14 peak reduce to 5 mm/s. 99 mm/s peak, of 67%. 2 * 3570 RPM RPM frequency component amplitude from 16. 51 peak reduced to 4 mm/s. 98 mm/s peak, of 70%.
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