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Vertical Inline Multistage Pump Bore Hole Pump 4SD12

Vertical Inline Multistage Pump Bore Hole Pump 4SD12

Vertical Inline Multistage Pump Bore Hole Pump 4SD12

Scientific Name
Bore Hole Pump 4SD12
Bore Hole Pump
Raw materials
stainless steel ,plastic PPO,Cast Iron, Brass , etc
Supply ability
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T/T, LC, Paypal
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Product Details
With the pursuit of excellence, J&T INDUSTRY is committed to showing you unique craftsmanship in details.J&T INDUSTRY has professional production workshops and great production technology. water pump accessories we produce, in line with the national quality inspection standards, has reasonable structure, stable performance, good safety, and high reliability. It is also available in a wide range of types and specifications. Customers' diverse needs can be fully fulfilled.
Company Advantages
1. To maintain its competitiveness, JT has put large time and energy to designing best deep well pump .
2. The quality control of this product is conducted by a professional team.
3. Strong production strength of J&T INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. shows the ability to be your first choice for cooperation.
Vertical Inline Multistage Pump Bore Hole Pump 4SD12-1


· Water supply system
· Booster
· Garden and farm irrigation
· Lowering underground water level
· Various industrial applications

Product parameters

PERFORMANCE  DATA 50Hz                                                                                                                        

 Outlet:G1 1/4"~G2"


DELIVERY      n≈2850 l/min         
1~220V-240V 3~380V-415V KW HP Q  m3/h 0


3.6 5.4 7.2 9 10.8 12.6 14.4 16.2
Q l/min 0


60 90 120 150 180 210 240 270
4SDM12/4 4SD12/4 0.75 1 H(m) 25


23 21 19 17 15 12 9 5
4SDM12/5 4SD12/5 0.92 1.25 32


28 26 24 21 19 15 11 6
4SDM12/6 4SD12/6 1.1 1.5 38


34 31 29 26 22 19 13 7
4SDM12/7 4SD12/7 1.3 1.75 44


39 37 33 30 26 22 16 8
4SDM12/8 4SD12/8 1.5 2 51


45 42 38 34 30 25 18 9
4SDM12/10 4SD12/10 1.8 2.5 63


56 52 48 43 37 31 22 12
4SDM12/12 4SD12/12 2.2 3 76


68 63 57 51 45 37 27 14
4SDM12/14 4SD12/14 2.6 3.5 88


79 73 67 60 52 43 31 16
-- 4SD1216 3 4 101


90 84 77 69 60 50 36 19
-- 4SD12/18 3.7 5 114


101 94 86 77 67 56 40 21
-- 4SD12/20 4 5.5 126


113 104 96 86 74 62 44 23
-- 4SD12/23 5 7 145


129 120 110 97 86 71 51 27
-- 4SD12/26 5.5 7.5 164


146 136 124 111 97 80 58 30
-- 4SD12/29 6.8 9 183


163 151 139 124 108 90 64 34
-- 4SD12/32 7.5 10 202


180 167 153 137 119 99 71 37

220-240V/50HZ,110V/60HZ, models are available on request


· Adopted the NEMA standard
· Continuous service
· Power: 0.25~2.6KW(Single phase)
· Power: 0.25~7.5KW(Three phase)
· Insulation class: B
· Protection grade: IP 68
· Minimum well diameter:Φ4"
· Highest temperature of liquid: 40


Vertical Inline Multistage Pump Bore Hole Pump 4SD12-2

Vertical Inline Multistage Pump Bore Hole Pump 4SD12-3

Vertical Inline Multistage Pump Bore Hole Pump 4SD12-4

Company Features
1. Having ranked top in this field, JT strives to put more efforts into providing better best deep well pump .
2. With some manufacturing already in China, J&T INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. could easily open a second distribution center aimed directly at overseas market.
3. JT devotes itself to developing value of high pressure multistage centrifugal pumps by adhering to the promise of sustainable development. Check now! JT adheres to the core concept of centrifugal well pump and regards vertical submersible water pump as the core values. Check now!
JT high pressure multistage centrifugal pumps is designed on a people-oriented basis. The design has taken into consideration the knowledge of plantar pressure distribution and different arch types. Its sheet fillers or media come in many different forms and "microstructures", each with unique characteristics for specific applications
The design of JT high pressure multistage centrifugal pumps considers many aspects. They include physical aspects such as heaviness, thickness, thermal transmission, air permeability, moisture absorbency, and moisture diffusion, drape as well as aesthetic aspects such as color, luster, and style. It is an outcome of the efforts of the Cooling Technology Institute (CTI), China Machinery International Engineering Design & Research Institute, Hohai University, etc
The manufacture of JT best deep well pump resorts to various advanced and precise machines. They are fabric cutting machine, sewing machine, needle lockstitch machine, needle chain stitch machine, ironing machine, etc., which guarantees high product quality. It is set with inspection gallery for daily maintenance
Following steps are involved in the pre-production stage of JT high pressure multistage centrifugal pumps. They are pattern making, garment sampling, fabric development, fabric approval, and fabric sourcing. It has a self-healing metal coating that prevents catastrophic failure due to scratches and scratches
JT high pressure multistage centrifugal pumps will go through a series of quality testings. The testings, including physical and chemical properties, are conducted by the QC team who will evaluate the safety, durability, and the structural adequacy of each specified furniture. It comes with installation service by technicians with enough field experiences
The product serves a number of key functions. It gets the consumer to notice or see the commodity, communicating marketing information, stimulating or creating brand impressions. Edge folding technology will reduce wear loss of the filler and save the process equipment from fouling
The product is the protector of items. It can effectively protect the product from physical impacts such as hitting, wetting, and bruising. Its service life is more than 25 years
The product offers pretty colors, a logo and a short, enthusiastic description of the contents, which will greatly attract the attention of consumers in a few seconds. It is set with inspection gallery for daily maintenance
This product is printed with premium and highly captivating colors, making the item stands out of the crowd. With bright and emotionally appealing colors, it is sure to win the heart of consumers. It comes with installation service by technicians with enough field experiences
The product helps reduce theft, ensuring that the item cannot be re-closed or gets physically damaged. It also features added convenience in distribution and handling. It has obtained Certificate of Utility Model Patent
The product keeps items nestled safely. It stops items from getting jostled or scuffed, and it acts to preserve freshness. It has little vibration and noise when working
This product can make a difference in any interior decorating project. It will complement the architecture and the overall ambiance. It can be designed with digital temperature indicator controllers
The chief advantage in the use of this product is the shorter period of production because of its quick-yielding power. It can be designed to be counter flow type, cross-flow type, and hybrid flow type
The product will not fade even it is dipped into the water for a long time. This will be great news for people who have no time to do the laundry. POSCO Zinc - Magnesium - Aluminium alloy coated panels make it resistant to localized corrosion
This material enables the circulation of air inside the shoe automatically to be self-regulating. As a result, the foot will benefit from the comfort of an ideal interior climate for feet. It has been tested for electrical safety, cooling capacity, drift rate, noise and more
An empty area comes across as boring and empty but this product will take up spaces and covers them up leaving a complete and full of life house ambiance. Its sheet fillers or media come in many different forms and "microstructures", each with unique characteristics for specific applications
The size, shape, color, and design of this product will help a space to display outstanding style, form, and function. Not a tiny crack will be found on its surface
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