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by:J&T     2020-06-03

with the continuous development of vacuum equipment, all kinds of new type vacuum units appear constantly, these models are designed according to user needs in detail. Vacuum unit design conditions shall comply with the intent of the design and use, and a professional design steps should also be detailed planning, in order to ensure the normal use of design work.

a, vacuum unit design conditions known parameters: 1, the vacuum chamber of the vacuum chamber volume; Deflation surface area; Vacuum indoor air leakage; Work vacuum limit vacuum; Reached the limit of vacuum exhaust extraction time and time.

2, vacuum indoor gas source: vacuum indoor atmosphere; The surface of the vacuum chamber is deflated. The air in the vacuum chamber dynamic seals and static seals leakage; Shell permeability gas; Treated materials send out the gas; Technology needs and introduction of the gas.

3, the special requirements of the vacuum chamber, whether in the machining process of dust, metal splash, corrosive gas, steam, etc. ; Whether there is oil in the vacuum chamber or vibration.

2, the design of the vacuum unit step 1, vacuum chamber of the total displacement calculation;

2, determine the net speed of vacuum chamber;

3, thick with main water pump and coarse match before the vacuum pump;

4, according to the need to select the vacuum components, such as valve, steam trap and dust collector;

5, draw the draft of the vacuum system components and to determine the size of each parts;

6, computing ( Review) The parameters of each vacuum pump. If the coarse vacuum water pump can not meet the requirements, the need to select and match pump, until meet the parameters.

7, draw the assembly drawing of the vacuum system;

8, drawing parts drawing and diagram.

, when the design must be based on the design of the specific conditions of vacuum unit planning, to meet the user's requirements. When choosing materials, it is necessary to consider the quality is better, cheaper metal, and in the process of production strictly in accordance with the drawings. Products will get the welcome of people.

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