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by:J&T     2020-06-03

different vacuum systems require different vacuum degree. So, usually need to complete with a set of vacuum unit, in different pressure within the scope of work of the vacuum pump.

high vacuum side of the vacuum degree necessary for the vacuum pump system can be achieved, and the low vacuum side of the vacuum water pump directly and atmosphere are interlinked. Obviously, the most simple vacuum device is directly discharge air vacuum pump. However, high vacuum system usually need 3 units, and medium vacuum system usually require the two levels of units.

high low vacuum pump and vacuum pump is difficult to form effective high vacuum unit. There are several reasons for this. Continuity is one of them. Front-end pressure of high vacuum pump has a limit, if before the level higher than the certain pressure, the pump can't work normally. However, when the current pump reaches the critical pressure, pumping speed is usually lower, so the former primary pump exhaust patent reexamination 3) May be less than the exhaust of main pump flow. This inconsistency flow destroy the continuity of flow requirements, and will inevitably lead to the vacuum device does not work. However, if another vacuum pump connection between high low vacuum pump and vacuum pump, it can serve as the connection between the up and down, flow is continuous, and each pump can work under the best condition. Roots pump can work within the scope of secondary vacuum, this is the most appropriate, so it is also called roots pump. Because of its compression ratio is not high, it can be connected in the range of a few to a few hundred mpa. When the three levels of high vacuum unit into the vacuum degree is relatively high, as a result of the main pump exhaust gas flow rate decreased significantly, at this time only a smaller backing pump can maintain the continuity of extraction, this method is often used in practical application, which reduces the energy consumption of the unit.

high vacuum units usually need 3 units of another reason is that the high vacuum pump suction pressure limit. with initial stress at work, the traditional high vacuum pump in some range. Therefore, in the main pump before starting work, the first stage water pump must advance to the pressure pump. Direct emissions, however, the atmosphere of the front-end pumps usually will take a long time to send to the pressure, because as the pressure is reduced, the pumping speed of the pump is reduced, especially for the periodic vacuum pumping air unit, need time to reach vacuum degree of work. Drainage, the longer the longer into the vacuum degree of work, increase a with low level before the vacuum pump, vacuum pump can be achieved in a short time, main pump working pressure, make the system work to enter as soon as possible, to ensure the use efficiency of equipment.

roots pump and oil pump can be used as a medium vacuum pump. Molecular pump has a very high compression ratio, this not only enables it to obtain a clean vacuum, and excellent performance of high vacuum. At the same time, it is within the scope of the secondary vacuum also have strong suction ability. This makes molecular pump only has the high vacuum of vacuum pump performance, so only match the low vacuum pump, to form and level 3 units performance fairly high vacuum units. Specifically, because of the high pressure resistance of molecular pump, so before the pump can be easily in the high flow state; High molecular pump suction pressure, however, slow the advance of pump before the pumping load. Molecular pump can - in 100 Work under 50 pa. Before the pump from the atmosphere to the pressure of pressure basically follow each over a period of time to reduce the rule of an order of magnitude. Therefore, this unit can have very high pumping efficiency. Simplify the high vacuum device and cancel the roots pump is another advantage of molecular pump. For larger high vacuum application equipment, backing pump drainage ability can also be appropriate to strengthen, to further shorten the pumping time. Due to the drainage time compared with the whole process of exhaust is very short, so the pump before use time is very short, so it can be used as a multiple devices of the drainage function, this is usually a very real. This greatly simplifies the large-scale application of the vacuum unit.

in some medium vacuum applications, the need to enter the 10 - The range of 1 pa, it is usually for the secondary unit of roots pump is difficult to achieve. However, the use of level 3 unit with two levels of roots pump series of vacuum degree can be added an order of magnitude, and into the 10 - 1Pa。 Therefore, level 3 device is often used in secondary vacuum application. Due to the molecular pump to 10 - 1 pa pumping at full speed, it also can take the place of two levels of medium vacuum unit roots pump. In general, molecular pump can completely replace in vacuum and low pressure within the scope of work of roots pump pump for a long time. However, in the medium within the scope of high pressure vacuum to work long hours of roots pump should be less, because in this pressure range of booster pump tend to have very strong pumping speed.

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