Vacuum system used in the mask - in the vacuum packing

by:J&T     2020-05-26

it is well known that in the field of the care products, facial mask product is one of the common beauty products. In the production of the mask, usually must packing film of face of products. In the existing technology, the mask packing usually use conveyor belt in the process of each completed the transfer process, lead to the high cost of facial mask packaging machine. This makes the mask packaging production costs are higher. With the improvement of people's living standard, the demand for the mask increases year by year. In order to improve the work efficiency, more and more automation equipment appeared in the life and work. Use vacuum water pump system to produce negative pressure face film packing machine ( The suction) With robot cooperation, greatly improve the efficiency of the packaging, has been popular, generally choose the mask for this packing machine in the vacuum system.

the main purpose of the utility model is to provide a vacuum system for facial mask packaging machine, its purpose is to reduce the mask packaging production costs.

the mask packing machine is a kind of packaging machine using vacuum system, in order to protect the product and beautiful. Packaging machine is mainly divided into two aspects: 1. Overall packaging production pipeline; 2. Product outer packing equipment.

this assembly line has been integrated and applied in food, medicine, daily chemical, hardware, lighting, furniture and other industries filling ( Filling) , sealing machine and ( Bags, bottle) Product coding.

vacuum system is a vacuum water pump, vacuum gauge, vacuum cans, integrated control box, and other components, such as vacuum valve, cold trap and so on, they together according to certain requirements by vacuum tubes, and has the need to water pump function of suction device. Its function is at a specified time and space for vacuum, vacuum, and ensure the implementation process and physical process in the system.

although vacuum system in the application of facial mask packaging machine has achieved good results, but face film packaging machine still need maintenance. The vacuum system and technical personnel has summed up the 12 points:

1, vacuum packaging machine should be kept in temperature was minus 10°C- 50 ° C, relative humidity less than 85%, no corrosive gas in the ambient air, no dust, no explosion environment risk.

2, to ensure normal work of vacuum pump in the vacuum packaging machine, and do not allow the vacuum pump motor reversal. Should always check the oil level. Normal oil level is the 1/2 - oil window Three quarters ( Not more than) 。 When the vacuum pump with water or oil in the color black, a new oil should be replaced at this time, Usually work continuously once or twice) , change once a month, use 1 # vacuum 30 # petrol, gas or oil can also be) 。

3, impurity removal and cleaning filter should be often ( Every 1 - usually 2 months cleaning, such as packaging clutter can shorten the cleaning time) 。

4, in order to run continuously 2 - Three months, should open the back cover 30 convex block to lubricating sliding parts and switch. Should according to the connection on the use of heating rod activity for lubrication.

5, always check the reduced pressure, filtering and oil mist triples 24, to ensure that the oil mist and oil in the oil cup ( Sewing machine oil) And there is no water filter glass.

6, heating and silica gel should be kept clean, no foreign body, so as not to affect the sealing quality.

7) on the heating pipes, heating the following two layers of adhesive will be insulated. If there is any damage, should be replaced in a timely manner, so as to avoid short-circuit.

8, the working gas source and users with inflatable air source, the vacuum packaging machine working pressure set to 0. 3 mpa, more appropriate. No special circumstances, please do not adjust too much.

9, vacuum packing machine is not allowed to put in the process of handling and impact, also cannot transport.

10, vacuum packaging machine must have a reliable grounding device during installation.

11 below, it is forbidden to heat the hand on the stick, in order to prevent injuries, and immediately cut off the power supply in case of an emergency.

12, first of all, the ventilation, after open the power supply. After the machine stops, shut off the power, gas will be cut off.

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