Vacuum system - lithium battery manufacturing process

by:J&T     2020-06-29

vacuum system application in the lithium battery manufacturing process technology of the invention relates to the lithium ion battery production equipment in the field of technology, especially involving used in lithium ion battery production vacuum packing equipment of vacuum system. Lithium ion battery has high working voltage, high energy density, long cycle life, no memory effect, no pollution and high current charge and discharge, etc. Large power and energy storage has been rapid development. In the process of production after injection liquid and chemical conversion process, need to vacuum and seal battery. This in the process of the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries plays a vital role. It identifies the film-forming condition and cycle life of battery. Editor will be through the following content introduces the application of vacuum system in the lithium battery manufacturing process, hope to be of help.

the manufacture of lithium ion batteries are divided into three stages. The first is the pole shoe production, the second is the packing of the battery, and the third is activated and classification of the battery. Each phase corresponds to several important process. Most of the first phase of the cost of battery production, the second phase to determine the battery packaging forms, the third stage determine grouping method and using the stability of the battery.

in view of the shortcomings of the existing technology, the purpose of this article is to provide a vacuum packaging equipment for lithium ion battery production, the vacuum packing device improves the regulation subject header and the accuracy of the distance between the battery holder.

in the process of the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries, vacuum technology is used in multiple steps, and have a significant impact on production efficiency. The battery must maintain a high quality in the whole life cycle. To provide high quality battery with suitable processing conditions, in particular in the process of drying, for example, high vacuum system is indispensable. Especially for lithium ion batteries for electric vehicles, the battery energy density and the requirement of increasing the weight and safety, and has higher requirement on the quality of the battery. In addition to the electrode drying, vacuum assisted manufacturing steps include battery assembly and leak detection.

vacuum system will be used to optimize the customer's production line. Is the key system of low operating costs and customer service experience. Vacuum system will be installed in multiple electrodes drying line, in order to improve energy efficiency.

use lithium ion battery note

1. Avoid using in harsh conditions, such as high temperature, high humidity, long time exposure to the sun's lower in summer, and to avoid the battery is on fire.

2。 Removing the battery, please make sure that closed electrical appliances. Working temperature should be kept in - Between 20 ~ 50 ° C.

3。 To avoid the battery 'store' for a long time in do not use electrical appliances.

in order to achieve the above, the vacuum system applied in the lithium battery manufacturing process technology solutions, its beneficial effects: to be processed by the fixed seat and positioning and fixing of the battery. And the groove; Adjust the packing unit and the distance between the fixed base. Move to complete the initial adjustment by cylinder fixed base, and the spindle head move to complete by screw drive mechanism. The packing quality. Motor and cylinder startup circuit, after the initial adjustment is done in the cylinder, after setting the delay time of the motor start automatically, complete the fine-tuning, and improve the degree of automation equipment.

with broad and profound knowledge of technology and vacuum system application, we have been committed to the development together with the users, using our own vacuum service professional knowledge for lithium ion battery production progress, make the production more energy efficient and reduce the cost of production.

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