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by:J&T     2020-05-26

vacuum system is composed of mechanical pump, vacuum gauge and various parts according to the pipeline connection in a modest way, composition can achieve a certain vacuum equipment. Vacuum system is the basis of what?

1。 By pumping devices or work in the room

to the limit of the vacuum pump and the vacuum degree of work

ultimate vacuum is the point at which the device in the absence of leakage is deflated by vacuum degree, the vacuum degree is refers to the device in the work to create the vacuum degree of vacuum pump to solve. Vacuum pump to solve usually want to release a lot of gas, vacuum degree of work at this time will be significantly less than the ultimate vacuum.

ultimate vacuum and vacuum degree has its necessity in work, they are never the same side quality damage to the device. Such as using metal oxide cathode device in the exhaust pipe of the vacuum system, electricity 10 - 2 degassing and negative will dissolve many exhaust, vacuum degree is poor, if work, there will be electricity by oxidation and negative excitation with poor results. But eventually sealing device is most has no leakage when deflated, vacuum degree within the device is that the exhaust pipe limiting vacuum of vacuum system.

2。 Need to get a job in the vacuum time

this time decisions on the size of the pumping speed of vacuum system. Improve pumping speed can reduce this time. Big personal studio obvious must be large pumping speed. Sometimes personal studio though is not big, but because the deflated serious leakage, the vacuum system must also be large pumping speed, otherwise a lot of leakage is deflated will greatly reduce the degree of vacuum, the system software can't work.

3。 By pumping devices or work in the rooms have a suitable residual gas content

practice experience, simple improvement and ensure that ultimate vacuum and vacuum degree is insufficient in the work, also solve the residual gas composition has certain rules. Such as vacuum pump device, in order to maintain a year service life period of reduced sensitivity is not super smart, the oxygen content of residual gas within the specified device should not be above 10 - 2 pa resistance to high pressure of vacuum switch tube, should not contain nitrogen oxides these molecular structure. Vacuum system of the residue gas ingredients, such as no other pneumatic valves in the system software, the key lies in the characteristics of the pump.

4。 Vacuum system is important to construct simple, characteristic spectrum,

actual operation maintenance convenience, low prices,

to consider this regulation, be sure to clear from selection of pump and piping specifications and layout, the comprehensive considering the mechanical processing technology and so on each aspect. Described the basic rules are often contact with each other. For example, because there always have a slight vacuum system leakage, so choose pumping speed of pump is smaller than pumping speed of vacuum pump can get good work, but the big pump price expensive, water consumption, power consumption, reason has chosen problem effectively. Equipment and small and medium-sized vacuum system appropriate USES micro vacuum pump, low cost, high efficiency, low noise, some customers using traffic big industrial production mechanical pump is not suitable.

5。 Automation technology regulations

along with the development trend of electronic information technology, customer provisions for vacuum system automation technology continues to improve. In view of the vacuum system, the automatic control system is mainly to mechanical pump total flow and vacuum degree adjustment. Vacuum degree according to adjust the mechanical pump often traffic, install the overflow valve, pressure reducing valve to manipulate. Kinetic energy with the method of the throttle valve damage, caused by additive noise, the best immediately adjust the speed ratio of the mechanical pump. Industrial production of mechanical pump speed way is varied, the key is divided into two categories: the first is motor speed ratio won't change, change the speed ratio of the mechanical pump is according to the additional equipment, such as the transmission speed, the second is immediately change the motor rotation speed ratio, such as thyristor cascade speed regulation, dc frequency control of motor speed, etc. Industrial production at present stage mechanical pump common way is dc frequency control, environmental protection and energy saving to use, can keep the promise speed, speed ratio is big, the precision of speed adjustment, stable rate.

in view of the mini vacuum pump for small and medium vacuum system, key choose dropping speed, step-down operation are the benefits of additional beneficial to increase the service life of the pump and motor. If the load of pump is very big, very easy to cause the motor cannot be started after decompression, the motor temperature rise, cause security risk. At present the most excellent domestic 'qi hai' speed micro vacuum water pump is equipped with imported dc motor, built-in PWM ( Pulse width modulation) Line, the output can be adjusted easily on land traffic, motor speed feedback data signals ( FG) , real-time monitoring and control system for motor working conditions, more conducive to automatic control system. Also has a sound awareness role in unexpected situations such as stuck pump and overtemperature will automatic shutdown. Speed micro vacuum pump is small and medium vacuum system automation technology of the ideal choice.

overall, vacuum system for sealing good, without habitual object completely, no internal steam source, the limiting vacuum can choose smaller, good water ring vacuum pump unit. However, if the leakage of the system software is deflated more, be sure to use the method of improve pumping speed to ensure that the vacuum degree in the work, this time should be chosen large pumping speed of pump, and try to expand the flow guide tube, using short and thick line.

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