Vacuum system is pumped gas _

by:J&T     2020-05-26

in the application of vacuum system, the extraction of gas produced by various gases include not only the application process, but also including the system of the original atmosphere. What is the overall content? Today, small make up to you.

1。 Vacuum system to produce gas in the process of

it includes to escape from the material in the process of gas and introduced in the process of gas, and also including liquid or solid gasification and gas in the vacuum system. For different process and to deal with different materials, the calculation of quantity of gas is different.

2。 Initially existed gas in the vacuum system

in the vacuum system, vacuum container chamber, vacuum pipelines containing a certain amount of initial atmospheric gas composition. In the initial stages of pumping, which are the main gas load of vacuum system, was taken away by the system, at the earliest.

3。 Leakage gas

leakage gas in the vacuum system including through vacuum sealing connection, and a variety of leakage path leakage to the gas in the vacuum system. For a given vacuum system, the amount of gas leakage is constant. Different vacuum system application, different limit pressure and strict limits on the gas leakage.

4。 Various materials on the surface in the vacuum system of releasing gas desorption

under the normal pressure, vacuum adsorption on the surface material in the system and some gases are dissolved. This part under negative pressure, the gas will be released again. The seepage flow and material properties, processing and materials related to the surface state.

5。 Vacuum system outside the gases in the atmosphere through the wall material penetration system

gas is dissolved and infiltrate the solid. As a result, the atmosphere through materials will be part of the structure of wall of the container gas penetrating into the vacuum system. In ordinary metal system, the permeability can be neglected, but in some applications of glass vacuum system or thin-walled metal system will need to consider the influence of permeate gas.

the above five aspects constitute the total pumping of vacuum system load.

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