Vacuum system is applied in small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) - what are the advantage

by:J&T     2020-05-26

advice in small and medium-sized units used in the vacuum system. At present, the vacuum extraction system of coal-fired power plants there are two main methods: one is to use water extraction system, another is the use of vacuum extraction system. The former is mainly used for small and medium-sized units, while the latter is widely used in 300 and 600 mw unit, and there have been some small and medium-sized units in operation, the trend from the water jet pump into vacuum pump. In order to improve the safe operation of the system and improve the economic efficiency of enterprises, according to the national economic development plan, considering the energy development and the economic and social development, energy utilization and environment protection, today, the editor mainly introduces what are the advantages of vacuum system can be applied to small and medium enterprises.

what is the advantage of vacuum system?

vacuum system is, in fact, one or more of the vacuum pump, a vacuum storage tanks and a central power control box. Vacuum system is a complete set of vacuum system, including the vacuum pump, PLC program control system, air tank, vacuum pipelines, vacuum valves and overseas filter components. At present, the system is widely used in electronic semiconductor, photoelectric backlight module, mechanical processing and other industries. This system has the following advantages: 1. Reduce the noise in the factory. 2. Avoid wasting power. 3. Save customer trouble and assembly time. 4. Flexible installation, reduce the impact on the manufacturers. 5. Easy to operate, easy to master. 6. High performance and reliability.

during the normal operation of small and medium-sized units, it maintain the dynamic balance in the high vacuum state. Vacuum pump can usually achieve higher vacuum degree than water jet aerator. If the amount of air leakage, condenser vacuum will increase accordingly. Therefore, vacuum pump can effectively limit the increase of the back pressure turbine, and the increase of the condenser vacuum is less than other extraction device. Even in the summer, with the increase of circulating water temperature, vacuum water pump suction pressure will increase, its output also increased, so as to effectively solve the unit output caused by high temperature vacuum pump to reduce problems. Circulating water in the summer. This is also choose one of the reasons for the small and medium-sized units of vacuum system.

Germany vacuum system is to start the system, the working principle of the vacuum water pump group began to work, until the vacuum degree of vacuum tank reaches the upper limit of set, vacuum pump automatically stops running, and the vacuum degree of vacuum pump starts to run. Stop line of vacuum makes the central vacuum system. The valve automatically shut down and maintenance. If the vacuum tank vacuum decline due to job requirement and set below the lower limit value of the standby pump unit will start automatically. As a result, the vacuum degree of vacuum system can keep stable vacuum degree to meet the production requirements.

in accordance with the above information, I believe we all know that the use of the cause of the vacuum system in small and medium-sized units. For new power plants, especially in water shortage areas, priority should be given to the vacuum system. For the old plant renovation project, priority should be given to the vacuum system. For units will be eliminated, should consider the maintenance time, energy and power generation cost and prolong the maintenance time. Compared with other factors, the use of vacuum pump for technical and economic comparison to determine the optimal method, which is especially important for equipment are all achieved.

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