Vacuum system applications - refining often pressure-relief devices

by:J&T     2020-06-05

at present, usually in domestic refinery steam system has been used in most of the pressure-relief device into a vacuum, this requires a lot of steam used for emptying medium, at the same time, need a lot of acidic water. Generated. In the face of increasingly strict environmental protection laws and regulations, the refinery need to clean up or burn these emissions, this is a very expensive option. In order to save steam and reduce costs, more and more foreign refineries chose not to need the dry vacuum water pump working fluid or liquid ring vacuum water pump, but they are also problems such as high failure rate and high maintenance costs. In view of this problem, the domestic refineries think it is necessary for decompression of the oil refinery equipment modification. By the technical staff research, draw the conclusion: the vacuum systems for small make up in the application of atmospheric pressure relief devices. Let's analyze.

the definition of oil: oil refining industry with characteristics of natural gas, liquid and solid mixture of hydrocarbon;

crude oil: refers to the basic types of oil, under atmospheric pressure for liquid, liquid non-hydrocarbon mixture ( Natural liquid hydrocarbon mixture) ; :

natural gas is the main type of oil, the gas under atmospheric pressure, under the condition of the formation can be dissolved in crude oil.

in fuel type atmospheric tower and vacuum tower distillation process, the ordinary atmospheric distillation will cut straight run gasoline kerosene, light diesel oil, heavy diesel oil and other fractions. These fractions can simply refining and added to the qualified products. Vacuum distillation can reduce secondary processing raw materials, such as catalytic cracking raw material, the hydrocracking raw materials, such as the raw material after lightweight, refining and mixing, can produce gasoline and diesel oil products. The atmospheric and vacuum distillation method has been used by the main oil refineries. Because in the feed section of atmospheric column of gas liquid separation is flash process, and stripping in the stripping section is difficult to achieve the complete evaporation of light component, so must contain diesel oil residue in the atmospheric residue. The diesel distillate through restructuring, and used as the material of decompression tower for secondary processing. In order to produce qualified products, the need for cracking, refining and other process. In addition, some diesel distillate become lighter after cracking. Gasoline, liquefied petroleum gas, etc. This not only reduces the percentage of diesel fuel in one time, and increase the secondary processing load and increase the unit cost of refining.

at present, our company mainly has two solutions for the problems: one is to modify atmospheric distillation section of the tower. The second is to reduce the first line distillate refined atmosphere tower. Due to the natural conditions of equipment limits the distillation of atmospheric tower period of transformation, reduce line distillate refined will inevitably increase the energy consumption of equipment, so you need to type reforming fuel pressure reducing tower line production diesel composition, directly effect is significant.

oil atmospheric vacuum unit dedicated vacuum system has the following advantages:

1. Don't need water or steam, reducing the energy consumption, greatly reduces the operating costs;

2, high efficiency, convenient operation and adjustment, can according to production need to adjust the vacuum degree;

3。 Can improve the processing capacity of equipment; It can achieve high compression ratio and the excretion of up to 25 mpa pressure;

4。 Need not large area of condenser, save energy, convenient installation;

5, no acid water discharge, reduce environmental pollution;

6。 Use negative line oil as medium, in order to save resources.

based on the analysis of the traditional oil refining atmospheric pressure relief devices, combined with the improvement of the refining effect of atmospheric pressure relief devices, can learn about the vacuum system in oil refining, the application of atmospheric pressure relief devices refinery production speed, energy consumption and cost plays an important role.

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