Vacuum system application in the health care system

by:J&T     2020-05-26

medical gas system is essential in medical system. It is for patients and medical equipment to provide medical gas and a complete set of equipment to discharge waste gas and liquid. Vacuum system is an important part of medical gas system. Today, screw vacuum pump manufacturers will share with you some knowledge of the application of the vacuum system in medical system.

medical treatment in the medical gas system including oxygen, nitrogen system, laughing gas system, argon, carbon dioxide system, compressed air system, vacuum negative pressure attraction, anesthetic exhaust system, etc. In a certain scale of the hospital, the oxygen system, compressed air system and vacuum suction system is indispensable.

the vacuum pumping system is a vacuum system. Vacuum pressure suction system generally referred to as the central station or attract negative pressure station, by the vacuum water pump, vacuum unit, vacuum container, etc of independent operation room, including vacuum water pump, vacuum valve, vacuum gauge, vacuum cans, bacteria filter, sewage collection tank, pipe, electric control cabinet, etc. According to the actual requirements, apply pressure usually in - 0. And - 03 million 0. 07 million mpa. Then through a straw, General use quick connectors attract a plug-in from the seal device, such as suction device and attract a bottle) Connected to each terminal, such as the operating room, intensive care and treatment rooms and various wards. For patients with inhalation sputum, blood, pus, and other contaminants in the body, and breathing apparatus, etc. Examples include various drainage, wound closure, vacuum collection, endotracheal tube cleaning, liposuction, gastric emptying, removing excessive blood, etc.

medical vacuum negative pressure attraction system of automatic control of vacuum pump start and stop, specific opening and closing pressure is determined according to the specific requirements of the hospital. System will be through the pressure sensor to collect the vacuum tank pressure data. When the pressure value exceeds a certain value, the trigger switch action and sound and light alarm device. In order to save energy and easy to maintain, but also can set up multiple devices, frequency conversion control system, etc. Balance load, to adapt to changes in traffic, all kinds of accidents and fluctuations, ensure the effective supply of hospital vacuum requirements.

vacuum system in medical system, the application of vacuum pressure suction system is one of the most common ( In addition, the vacuum pump can be used to take out anesthetic gases) 。 Screw vacuum water pump manufacturers and everyone has a simple understanding, but also will have more applications in practice. For example, some of the applications of clean surface and some clinical research requirements, as well as the aforementioned medical freeze drying, we can have the opportunity to learn more about later.

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