Vacuum sterilization cabinet should choose what kind of vacuum pump is good? _

by:J&T     2020-05-27

modern disinfection sterilization equipment varied, from off the kitchen disinfection cabinet, to professional institute of special equipment disinfection. All kinds of sterilization equipment adopts the sterilization method and principle of various requirements to match different occasions and to the requirement of disinfection sterilization.

in all kinds of sterilization equipment, the use of common vacuum applications to help disinfection sterilization equipment, such as 'pulsation vacuum sterilizer' and 'plasma sterilizer. These two kinds of sterilization equipment have different characteristics and each has its limitations, pulsating vacuum disinfection using high pressure steam and vacuum to effectively kill microbes, but for some thermal, without resistance to humidity and high temperature equipment are often USES hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilization, then vacuum sterilization cabinet should choose what kind of vacuum water pump?

it is easy to find throughout the sterilization technology development, the two important elements of modern sterilization: steam and vacuum,

high pressure steam is still by far the most efficient sterilization method, and the vacuum can be sterilized items for steam better penetration, make the disinfection effect and speed boost!

vacuum pump application:

the whole pulse sterilization cabinet vacuum application in operation process is divided into two main parts:

the first part is the pulsating vacuum process, vacuum water pump can extract many times prior to sterilization sterilization indoor air again into steam again to repeat the process many times, general need extraction 3 - prior to sterilization 6 times, make the vacuum degree reach - cavity in the body 0. 08 - - 0. 09 mpa

the second part is the vacuum suction wet dry process, the process is completed in high pressure steam sterilization after the sterilization of indoor high temperature steam ejector guarantees sterilization items after dry clean.

according to the actual cavity size of all kinds of pulsation vacuum sterilization ark is different, you can use the atlas of the two-stage lubrication GVD (gnu visual debugger) series rotary vane pump, and dry claw DZS series pump, because the whole process of sterilization lumen filled with a lot of high pressure water vapor in the body, so in the sterilization chamber gas is pumped to vacuum pump assembly prior to a set of hot and cold separation device used to separate water vapor, separation of the water can return to the steam generator.

the vacuum application of hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilization machine is mainly used in the stage of preliminary vacuum before sterilization and sterilization help hydrogen peroxide in the process of vacuum distillation of repeated applications. The ultimate vacuum is commonly 0. 5 mbar. Atlas Copco GVD (gnu visual debugger) series of two-stage are available form a complete set of oil lubricated rotary vane pump.

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