Vacuum pump vacuum low how to adjust? What reason? _

by:J&T     2020-05-28
First of all, vacuum pump leakage itself

1, seal leakage. Check the seals, referred to replace damaged seal all the seals.

2, the gas ballast valve gasket is damaged, or tighten. Replacement and screw down the gas ballast valve gasket.

3, exhaust valve film is damaged, the sealing is not good, valve plate should be replaced.

4, vacuum pump diaphragm pushing interference quantity too much, lead to deformation of the leak in the vacuum chamber. Vacuum pump room should replace or repair.

5, due to the vacuum pump oil leak by poor sealing end surface. It should be open end cover, check whether uneven sundry, clean or repair.

second, vacuum pump oil problem

1, the oil level is too low, enough oil should be added to the center line of the standard.

2, contaminated oil, oil quality bad. Should be replaced with new oil.

3, the oil level does not match, should use brand vacuum pump oil replacement.

4, oil barrier, unable to maintain the correct oil in vacuum chamber. Check valve inlet channel and the oil, the oil is clear.

5, filter the air inlet is blocked. Remove the filter should be clean, and then put the things.

6, the rotor is spring and rotating blade moving deformation or fracture failure. Should repair or replace the spring deflection of rotor blade has good products.

7, vacuum pump temperature too high.

1, the solution is pumped gas temperature is too high. Should be allowed to cool down before entering the gas station.

2, and the suction vacuum pump body is difficult to wear. Remove the hard objects should open the vacuum pump, scratch repair or replacement parts.

3, the vacuum pump cooling water is not enough. Cooling water flow rate should be increased.

4, improper assembly, the displacement of the rotor shaft cause partial wear. It should be disassemble and reassemble.

8, due to poor handling or wear caused by the gap is too big. It should be and pump chamber, rotor, rotor blades, the space between the cover plate, flow delay due to check the accuracy of the repair or replacement.

9, friction heat pump operation. High temperature, vacuum pump oil thinning, sealing. Should be through the cooling water or cooling fan, at the same time, according to used for repair or replacement due to clearance check the accuracy of the associated components.

adjust the vacuum degree of vacuum pump:

many micro pump itself is not the regulator vacuum degree adjustment function by adding only way. A series of precision pressure reducing valve, for example, in the water pump suction side, high vacuum degree, the valve opens, the vacuum will fall. This fine relief valve discharge poisonous gas with directional, etc. , and specify the channel of the container, this is no multifunctional valve. Is intelligent vacuum pump button, negative pressure can be set, as well as the negative type LCD panels. There is a knob to adjust the big, small flow rate. The intelligent vacuum water pump, also called communication, digital vacuum pump.

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