Vacuum pump used in the process of this a few points to note _

by:J&T     2020-06-03
Vacuum pump used in the process of this a few points to note

1. Vacuum pump for pumping clean gas, not toxic, flammable, explosive, corrosive gas or steam, chemicals, solvents and powder, etc. Such as flammable gas, containing ingredients of specialty chemicals regulations of the state of special high concentration acid alkali gases, or high concentrations of gas in the semiconductor process crystallization, organic solvents, gas, etc. These gases are easy to make bearing failure.

2。 Inlet temperature must be lower than 50 ℃, otherwise in the vacuum chamber between the pump inlet must add cold trap, cooled to less than 50 ℃.

3。 Smoke contains water vapor gas, want to open the gas ballast valve extraction, is pumped gas water vapor content requirements under 23 g/day. If more than the limit, will shorten gas ballast valve life.

4。 Vacuum pump can't in caustic, flammable, explosive gas, or steam environment, work, or explosion, fire, etc can be dangerous.

5。 Try not to move the pump by one or two people. This a professional handling, installation, configuration, wiring, operation, maintenance and inspection, otherwise you will have to get an electric shock, injury, or even be vacuum pump chamber the risk of damage.

6。 Do not continue to use the pump have been damaged, or injury, electric shock, and even can be damaged by pumping systems, etc.

7。 Check to make sure the pump safety grounding.

8。 When the pump in the process of the work or just stop, do not contact or metal parts (pump motor Because very hot at work, up to 70 ℃) 。 If really need contact, take the necessary protective measures to prevent the injury.

9。 You must install the motor protection switch.

10。 Don't touch the air inlet and outlet flanges, so as not to damage the flange, lead to the vacuum couldn't get on.

11。 In the air inlet valve is installed in place. Vacuum pump stop last in port in vacuum degree is reduced, air return because vent to the inlet port, not the cause of the vacuum pump. If you want to ensure that the vacuum degree of vacuum indoor, to stop valve in the vacuum chamber between the water pump and installation.

12。 Vent place to meet the exhaust pipe, to prevent dust into the pump.

finally want to remind everybody is, the problems appeared in the process of using or looking for professional vacuum pump after-sales maintenance.

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