Vacuum pump use in welding process - glass

by:J&T     2020-05-27

will involve in the vacuum pump used glass vacuum system. In which it will be involved in glass pipe, parts in the middle of the weld. Below will easy to master together with vacuum system manufacturer under vacuum pump use the welding process of the glass.

will adopt in the vacuum system of glass components, piping are generally made by all sorts of hard glass. In conducting glass pipe welding, pipeline welding with vacuum pump parts, will depend on the oxygen - The gas flame ( Or hydrogen gas welder) Conducts burning-out join. Especially at the beginning of welding production of oxygen - Gas flame lights in actual operation, the hand with roasting gas flame glass production and processing of the parts, to avoid glass surge in internal part of the ground stress caused burst, then add co2, in the hand lamp spray out sharp and fine high temperature flame, burning fuse must join parts, make the connection head burning fuse together. Head all together when the connection of all slightly decrease temperature and blowing gas check, make the connecting parts of the glass melt to burn symmetry, obtain good forming, and use a bit of co2 gas flame quenching, finally get rid of co2 gas flame bake hardening.

glass parts in vacuum system unit most have shaped commodity, but independent of the underlying components must be made. In the whole welding process, not only must ensure closure, also should give full consideration to the actual operation is convenient and beautiful generous levels. General conditions will this parts of packages have asbestos rope thin tin drum clamp clamping, but not too tight or too loose, cause blowout of glass in case or by breaking.

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