Vacuum pump units of the actual operation requirements - to the environment

by:J&T     2020-05-30

actual operation of vacuum pump unit

vacuum pump unit is a leading pump, rotary vane pump for pump in front of the string. Vacuum pump unit adopts front pump water ring pump into a vacuum pump is more useful than others, because it is not only out of each water ring pump application limit pressure difference, low speed under certain work pressure vacuum defects. Guys here in detail of the actual operation of vacuum pump unit, the appropriate action to ensure that equipment work.

1, check the vacuum pump oil level of the unit should be within the oil window sign ruler category and determine oil cleaning;

2, determine the pump before the vacuum tank without effusion, nitrogen pressure gate, row all gate and bottom valve of water pump is turned off;

3, check the reciprocating vacuum pump in the crankcase oil level within the oil window marked scale category, no dirt in the crankcase;

4, add clean lubricating oil into the oil cup and slightly parted them type needle valve, can make the lubricating oil drop by drop into the cylinder.

after vacuum pump unit in the converted gas collecting equipment, able to collect in high vacuum system, the software can't can't close the gas collection, and also prevents the water environment and development power generating unit caused by the environmental pollution caused by a lot of sewage drainage problems. Due to the advantages of vacuum pump unit is widely used in all walks of life.

what operations on the environment is the requirement of vacuum pump unit

superior mechanical equipment of the vacuum pump unit in addition to the properties and processing properties, also want to consider other properties of the regulation, which is very easy to degassing, low saturated vapor pressure, certain organic chemistry, reliability, purity and cleanliness, suitable for the radiation sources, etc. The vacuum pump unit have uniqueness, to clean up the regulation is very strict, is has the certain provisions on the natural environment, to eliminate or reduce part should be bigger extent of pollution of the environment.

vacuum pump unit means no special requirements for the whole process of vacuum processing technology, this kind of vacuum pump unit for the regulation of the natural environment is: whenever in vacuum pump units are rules without hoarding pollutants, surface with no dust, no iron pin, no rust. Vacuum pump vacuum chamber of the unit surface should be clean, soft and air flow, the harm such as vacuum welding defects. Vacuum pump unit, the vacuum room fitness components do not use oil as a lubricant, car with low saturated vapor diffusion pump oil, methyl silicone oil as a lubricant; Flange, Windows of sealing components to be coated with high vacuum plant oils. Vacuum pump unit shall generally be in the temperature of 15 ~ 30 ℃, humidity of the air is not higher than 70% of the work cleaning indoor and ventilated environment, cooling circulating water temperature is not higher than 25 ℃.

can only will make to the natural environment of vacuum pump unit do better practical effect. People shall, in accordance with the natural environment of the above provisions practical vacuum pump unit operation.

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