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by:J&T     2020-05-30

in general, vacuum pump unit won't burn out. However, once the fire equipment, this suggests that very serious problems inside the equipment. If it is burnt out, can repair. However, if severe burn, the equipment can no longer use. Therefore, when detection devices have this kind of situation, can't stand by and must be handled in time. Then again, why the equipment is burnt out?

a. Burn out reason

1. Leakage problem: vacuum pump unit is submerged in the water, therefore leakage problem is one of the important factors that lead to burn out.

2。 Cable broken and damaged: cable broken and damaged not only easy to cause accident getting an electric shock, and vacuum pump unit during operation may be in two phase working state, in the case of undrained is easy to damage the motor.

3。 Low supply voltage or frequency is too low.

4。 Stator winding the locked-rotor: blocked will produce locked-rotor current, locked-rotor current is 5 ~ 7 times that of the normal full load current. If you don't take protective measures, it will soon burn out. Stall there are many reasons, such as impeller jams, mechanical seal debris jam axis, dust winding, etc.

5。 Wear and corrosion, wear will reduce the performance of the pump. Flow, lift and efficiency will be reduced accordingly. Rust on the impeller and the pump cover can also lead to stall.

2. Burn out the corresponding treatment measures are

1. Vacuum pump unit before submerged in water, must check the sealing, to avoid a loophole.

2。 Official start, check whether the unit cable is in good condition, can be normal use, whether the power supply voltage adjustment in place.

3。 In the process of operation, found that the impeller card master, dirt around, etc. To stop the pump immediately, check the reason, will replace the damaged impeller, clean up dirt.

4。 The wear degree, completes the maintenance work, regular surveys change seriously, not serious to do maintenance measures.

as a result, in general, these are the cause of vacuum pump unit combustion. Therefore, when the device was found in the daily check or use damage, must be timely maintenance, find out the reason and process, in order to resolve the impact of equipment loss in a short time, avoid damage deterioration and equipment failure.

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