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by:J&T     2020-06-01

many users do not understand the use of vacuum pump conditions, often causes the damage of vacuum pump, vacuum pump in what condition the most appropriate to use? Small make up today to share the following content, I hope to be of help.

1, the vacuum pump should be selected according to the user to select a specific process, such as the size of the vacuum degree of high and low, extraction rate, the choice of power supply voltage, etc.

2, vacuum pump to clean up and change the oil regularly. Especially, the rotary vane vacuum pump should be used when cleaning or straight-run gasoline, kerosene after washing the parts should be dry, dry or dry with blower. Oil change should choose 100 # or # 1 clean vacuum pump oil, if use other oil instead of will seriously affect the degree of vacuum, vacuum pump should be placed in a clean, dry place.

3, connection pipe of the vacuum pump and the user's system should be given priority to with short, thick, minimize the elbow. If there is a bend, the joint shall be strictly seal, in order to make sure will not leak.

4, smoke gas temperature is limited by vacuum pump, water ring vacuum water pump is pumping gas temperature is higher than 40 ℃, should add gas cooling device. As with droplets, should add condensation dehumidification equipment. As oil is pumped gas corrosive or with chemical reaction, should be choose the material of vacuum pump.

5, open before the pump should be to check the motor rotation direction is correct, Check direction, should drive belt off first, lest the motor reversal will oil jet) , rotary vane vacuum pump and water ring vacuum pump inspection methods, and to check whether the lubrication system is reliable, the amount of oil is appropriate.

6, the CPC shall not exceed 75 ℃ temperature, vacuum pump in operation, also can't have too much noise and vibration, it should stop.

7, stop the pump should be shut off when connecting the vacuum system of the valve, and open valve, avoid to pump oil is sucked into the vacuum system, and then cut off the electrical power supply.

the place on put together is narrated, the service life of vacuum pump in addition to the quality related with vacuum pump itself, users also need to use in strict accordance with the requirements of the factory, not in unclear circumstances to remove or operating the pump.

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