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by:J&T     2020-06-29

some of the most commonly used vacuum pump on the market, such as rotary vane vacuum pumps, oil-free vacuum pump, and some of the most common problems in vacuum pump maintenance, we are here to help you to sort and analysis, for reference:

use vacuum pump after a certain time

( 1) The pump can't start.

( 2) Cannot achieve ultimate vacuum vacuum pump.

( 3) Vacuum pump pumping speed is too slow.

( 4) Vacuum pump temperature too high.

( 5) Vacuum pump noise is too big.

( 6) Vacuum pump oil, we need to maintain and replace the corresponding accessories. In the process of maintenance which problems we should pay attention to?

the reasons of failure.

( 1) Drive motor voltage is not correct or overload.

( 2) Starter motor overload protection is too small or the set value is too low.

( 3) Blown fuse.

( 4) If the vacuum pump is equipped with ac motor; Damage of motor capacitor.

( 5) Check the usage of vacuum pump oil. Vacuum water pump oil, the oil temperature is too low, oil deterioration, vacuum pump cavity filled with vacuum water pump oil. Have observed oil emulsion ( White foam) Or carbide ( Black) 。 The deterioration of the vacuum pump oil will affect the friction between the rotor and rotor, and lead to leaf card in the pump chamber.

( 6) Vacuum pump or motor stuck.

solution is as follows:

( 1) Provide the correct voltage for the motor.

( 2) Set the starter motor overload protection of data comparison with data of motor nameplates, be revised if necessary. If the environment temperature is high; The set value according to the normal motor current is increased by 5%.

( 3) Check the fuse.

( 4) Repair or replace the motor. ( By the professional and technical personnel operation)

( 5) Replace the vacuum pump oil. Remove the vacuum pump, repair cylinder body and other parts. If the blades severely damaged, replace the vacuum pump blades.

( 6) Recognize motor has shut down and disconnect fan cover. Motor and pump driven by manual. If the hand did not move, remove the motor from the pump, check the vacuum pump and motor respectively. If the vacuum pump stuck, please repair the pump ( Need to repair professional and technical personnel and inspection) 。

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