Vacuum pump to solve organic matter pollution _

by:J&T     2020-05-27

China is a populous country in the world, the continuous development of the industry, has caused a lot of garbage pollution, like living garbage pollution, industrial and mining enterprises of the waste water, waste gas, waste residue, such as pesticides, fertilizers, excessive use of residues, caused more and more serious pollution and destruction of soil. So how to deal with these pollution, today is to introduce a sow the method of using vacuum water pump to solve the pollution.

pollution can be divided into organic pollution, inorganic pollution, radioactive pollution, biological pollution, etc. Organic pollution including soil organic pollutants are mainly organic pesticide, phenols, cyanide, oil, synthetic detergent, 3, 4 - Benzopyrene and by the urban sewage and sludge and manure such as microorganisms. Using vacuum gas phase extraction techniques is the main solution to organic pollution.

gas phase extraction technology for high volatile machine treatment effect is good, its basic principle is to use the vacuum water pump to produce negative pressure, the air flowing through the pollution area, desorption and entrainment in the soil of volatile and semi volatile organic pollutants (pops), by the air flow away, after extraction Wells to collect the final disposal, reach the purpose of purifying vadose soil. Sometimes at the same time of extraction, can set gas injector, artificial soil dissolved into the air.

the application of the vacuum pump is now more and more widely, the in dealing with the application of organic pollution is part solves the environmental problem. There are many factories to vacuum pump solve environmental pollution cases we say again next time. The future of vacuum pump is very broad. I believe the future will have more vacuum pump application case was developed. Help us to solve the problem of more.

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