_ vacuum pump system used in the chemical separation

by:J&T     2020-05-24

fine chemicals is the focus of intense competition in today's world chemical industry, is also an important symbol of national comprehensive strength. In addition, the fine chemical products and raw materials: molecular weight is large, complex structure, high boiling point, impurities, boiling point difference is small, sex is strong, product or raw materials high purity, color and smell, the importance of the product were analyzed by using fine chemicals. Decide in detail in this paper, the vacuum pump system in the popularization and application value of fine chemical products separation.

vacuum distillation is widely used in China, similar to the traditional distillation. Vacuum distillation. the generally USES the external and external reboiler condenser flow structure, is conducive to mass production. But, for some small devices in the field of petrochemical energy or auxiliary equipment, such as NMP recovery, biological diesel oil recycling, using traditional distillation process ( External condenser and external reboiler process) , small processing capacity will rise greatly increase the difficulty of the equipment and pipe selection, greatly increase the investment and operating costs. In addition, the equipment and pipeline pressure will cause energy waste. Therefore, it is necessary to find a suitable for small vacuum distillation system of vacuum distillation device, its investment and operation cost is low, and the pressure drop of the tower.

vacuum pump system has three types:

1. Low vacuum pump system.

2。 Medium vacuum pump system

( 1) 。 System is composed of roots pump, main pump series mechanical pump;

( 2) mechanical pump composed of oil pump system; By the roots pump and a small roots pump and the system is composed of a series of mechanical pump series.

3。 High vacuum pump system

( 1) 。 System is composed of diffusion water pump, main pump and roots pump series, and then a series of mechanical pump;

( 2) 。 Vacuum pump system is composed of diffusion pump, main pump and mechanical pump series;

( 3) 。 Vacuum pump system is composed of diffusion pump, main pump and oil pump series, then series mechanical pump.

vacuum pump system, the role of rectification separation technology in fine chemical products

1. Vacuum distillation technology is a chemical product # 2 first choice in the process of separation separation technology;

2。 Fine chemical products of the thermal sensitivity, vacuum distillation become commonly used separation techniques.

3。 Continuous distillation process can effectively improve product quality and production.

4。 Easy operation and control of distillation process.

the characteristics of high vacuum continuous distillation technique

1. Effectively reduce the boiling point of the fine chemical products

2. Reduce the thermal reaction of fine chemicals

3. For the separation and purification of low boiling point perishable products

4. Save energy

5. Reduce equipment investment

6. Environmental protection

7. The main equipment and equipment strictly.

compared with atmospheric distillation, vacuum distillation has many advantages:

1. The boiling point of material under vacuum to reduce, be helpful for the separation of material;

2。 Under a vacuum, reduce the possibility of polymer and polymerization of the decomposed, and can carry out low temperature processing;

3。 Material is easy to heat in the process of vacuum distillation, heat preservation is simple, reducing heat loss;

4。 Oxygen in the air and water to reduce the influence of the composition such as steam;

5。 Relatively volatile, materials easier separation;

6。 Balance changes, azeotropic mixture disappeared under vacuum.

with high vacuum continuous distillation technology instead of traditional high vacuum batch distillation process, vacuum pump system application in the separation of fine chemical products can effectively solve the fine chemical products or raw materials because of its difficult separation, characteristics of heat sensitive due to the product purity, color and smell and can't meet the requirements of separation of common problems.

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