Vacuum pump start-up _ the cause of this problem

by:J&T     2020-06-01

problem with every day, every day is different. About vacuum water pump series of incurable diseases every day to consultation, a client this morning said vacuum pump start-up difficulties, don't start, engineers to the scene later know the situation just know is resulting in a deterioration of oil product, replace the vacuum water pump oil, it didn't work. So is due to the reason which causes the difficulty in vacuum pumps do not start or start?

we know most of the reason is that choice in vacuum pump oil viscosity is too high to work in the room temperature also has a lot to do, such as you buy is 100 # oil in summer, in winter, oil viscosity will be increased due to lower temperature to around 130, started the motor will be unable to stand, and lead to a difficult start.

there are a few reasons could lead to a vacuum pump does not start or start difficult:

1, vacuum pump has returned to the oil. Solution: rotate the weeks by hand pull (pulley, can start.

2, due to long-term did not run or stop after into the atmosphere, make the vacuum water pump cavity filled with vacuum pump oil. Solution: rotate the weeks by hand pull (pulley, can start.

3, the oil temperature is too low. Solution: should give oil heating or keep indoor temperature above 15 degrees, can also rotate the weeks by hand from moving pulley, continue to live for a few minutes, operation can be normal work.

4, oil was bad. Solution: replace the vacuum pump oil.

5, link up the phase indicator. Solution: repair the power supply.

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