Vacuum pump selection parameter calculation way? _

by:J&T     2020-05-27
A, vacuum pump, vacuum unit ( pa/mba) ;

vacuum pump working pressure should meet the requirements of process work pressure, vacuum degree is higher than that of vacuum degree of vacuum equipment model selection of the half to one order of magnitude. ( Such as: vacuum process requirement of 100 pa ( Absolute pressure) Vacuum and vacuum degree of vacuum pump must be at least 50 selected for pa - 10pa) 。 Generally if demands absolute pressure higher than 3300 pa, the choice of water ring vacuum pump as vacuum unit, if required by the absolute pressure is less than 3300 pa, cannot choose water ring vacuum pumps, rotary vane vacuum pumps or higher vacuum level of vacuum pump as vacuum device.

2, vacuum pump pumping speed requirement unit ( L/S or M3 / MIN) ;

vacuum pump for suction rate ( Which would require a vacuum pump under the working pressure, the ability of exhaust gas, liquid, solid) , in general, unit: m3 / h, L/S, m3 / min. The specific calculation method can refer to the following formula to calculate the selection. Vacuum pump selection, of course, is a comprehensive process, involving the relevant experience and other factors.

S=( V / t) ×ln( P1/P2)

among them: S for the vacuum pump suction rate ( L/s)

V for vacuum chamber volume ( L)

t to reach for the vacuum degree required by the time ( s)

(P1 as initial pressure Pa)

P2 for the required pressure ( Pa)

three, vacuum pump to the object of smoke composition;

1, the object is pumped gas, liquid or particles, if the smoke gas containing water vapor, or a small amount of dust particles and impurities, such as choice of rotary vane vacuum pump, if the demand is higher, vacuum should add filter unit to filter can use rotary vane vacuum pump vacuum equipment.

2, to know if there is a corrosion is pumped objects ( Acidic or alkaline PH value is how much? ) , if contain organic corrosion factors such as gas, acid and alkali corrosion or should be filtered or neutralization treatment can choose rotary vane vacuum pump.

3, smoke objects with rubber or oil pollution? Corresponding should be chosen according to different medium is pumped vacuum equipment, if the gas contains a lot of steam, particles, and the corrosive gas, should be considered in the pump inlet pipe installed on the corresponding auxiliary equipment, such as condenser, filters, etc. ( Specific technical engineering personnel contact us) 。

4, vacuum pump noise, vibration, and beautiful is influential to the factory. Fifth, the motor power of the vacuum water pump ( 千瓦) , the motor speed of vacuum pump ( r / min) Voltage (V), vacuum pump; Sixth, the import and export of vacuum pump diameter (DN) and the material of vacuum pump (304);

the last point, as the saying goes, cheap goods is not good. When buying a vacuum pump and vacuum unit equipment, but also should give priority to the quality of the vacuum equipment, transportation, and the cost of repair and maintenance and so on.

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