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by:J&T     2020-05-27

the general vacuum pump type selection of the most three important parameters of foundation and swept volume, vacuum degree and the pressure.

: containment swept volume is a measure of the vacuum water pump pumping speed factor. General unit with L/S and m3 / h. To make up for the leakage rate of parameters. It is easy to understand, smoke the same volume of containers, under the theory of why the swept volume of vacuum pump is easy to take to the vacuum degree necessary for the us, and swept volume of small vacuum pump slowly can't even draw the vacuum degree we want? Because the pipeline or container to be absolutely impossible to do not leak, and large swept volume makes up for the leakage of vacuum degree brought by the decline factor, so the large volume of smoke to ideal vacuum value easily. Advice here, under the condition of the swept volume to calculate theory, we try to choose high level of swept volume of the vacuum pump. The following will introduce swept volume calculation formula.

a: vacuum gas rare book under vacuum degree, usually expressed in vacuum. Read from vacuum gauge numerical said vacuum degree. Vacuum values are expressed actual numerical value is lower than the atmospheric pressure, system pressure from the table represented on the table is also known as the pressure values, the industry also known as the limit of relative pressure, namely: vacuum = - atmospheric pressure Absolute pressure ( Atmospheric pressure generally take 101325 pa, water ring vacuum pump absolute pressure limit of 3300 pa; Rotary vane vacuum pump absolute pressure limit about 10 pa) 。

limit absolute pressure, absolute pressure vacuum than 'theory (namely the measured internal pressure Theory of vacuum pressure value is 0 pa) 'How much high pressure. The objects it is vacuum pressure to theory of the state of the absolute value. Due to the limitation of technology, no matter what, we can't pulling the internal pressure to absolute vacuum 0 pa this value, therefore, the vacuum water pump in the vacuum value higher than the theory of vacuum value. So when expressed in absolute vacuum, numerical no minus sign in front of the.

limit: relative pressure relative to the pressure that is how to measure the internal pressure is lower than the atmospheric pressure by the pressure. Said the value of the actual numerical system pressure below the atmospheric pressure. Due to the container inside air is pumped, therefore, the internal pressure container was always lower than the external pressure. So when use relative pressure or pressure table, numerical must take minus sign in front of the said vessel internal pressure is lower than external pressure.

of course, in addition to the three basic parameters of vacuum pump, and some also need to pay attention to the vacuum water pump selection of more detailed parameters, such as being pumped medium containing particle, and corrosive gas and steam, and so on. So we must be careful when choosing a vacuum pump, can meet the demands of their own, so as to achieve the highest efficiency, benefit is the largest.

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