Vacuum pump selection of 10 important parameters, you know? _

by:J&T     2020-07-01

with the use of suction vacuum pump range is more and more broad, the customer need this knowledge also urgent operational requirements on industrial scale and different according to different situations of pressure in industrial use demand, the use of vacuum water pump type parameter is different also, so, the parameters of the vacuum pump selection exactly what? Shenzhen heng job only summarizes the important parameters, 10 follow look together!

1, vacuum pump steam allowances,

the allowances of steam unit is kg/h, it refers to the pump in the lopsided standard standard, the gas ballast pump in successive operations can flow of quality steam ejector.

2, vacuum pump efficiency of pumping air into vacuum state,

rate of the vacuum pump unit is the m3 / s or l/s, pump cover is equipped with standard experiment and standard work, in accordance with the relevant provisions from the experiment cover through the gas pressure and the location specified in the experimental test hood side have to balance the ratio of the pressure of work, referred to as 'vacuum pump speed, unit for the m3 / a or l/s.

3, vacuum pumping air,

through the pump inlet gas flow. Unit for Pa. M3 / s or Pa. L/s,

4, vacuum pump working pressure limit,

pump cover is equipped with standard experiment and standard work, in accordance with the relevant provisions in the normal working situation without introducing gas, tend to the stability of the minimum working pressure, in the case of without introducing gas lopsided homework, trend of solid industrial pressure is strong, the pressure unit is Pa,

5, vacuum pump to start the work pressure,

no damage for vacuum pump up and have a vacuum effect of job stress, Pa,

6 grade work pressure before, vacuum pump,

exhaust pressure is lower than the export of an atmospheric pressure of the vacuum pump pressure. Unit for Pa,

7, vacuum pump before the maximum working pressure,

. more than this value will not be able to work normally work pressure says before the maximum working pressure, the unit is Pa,

8, vacuum pump, the maximum working pressure,

corresponding to maximum vacuum and the entrance of the pressure of work. This work under the pressure, water pump can work continuously without deterioration or damage to the

9, vacuum pump, compression ratio,

vacuum pump on the given gas exports of work pressure and the ratio of the inlet pressure,

10, vacuum pump, reflux ratio,

reflux ratio of pump unit is g/cm2. s。 It refers to the pump according to the rules of standard operation, through the pump discharge pump flow quality flow rate per unit area,

more than 10 vacuum pump selection parameters can you understand it, if you don't understand the place can contact shenzhen heng to job for your detailed answers, every industry process even in different vacuum pump type selection is to be aware of, selection of the right to make mechanical energy efficient, so must be clear when use vacuum pump water pump in vacuum system, bear the task.

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