Vacuum pump selection knowledge? _

by:J&T     2020-05-28

what are the vacuum pump selection knowledge parameters? Let's learn together.

1, the extraction rate of vacuum pump:

extraction rate of vacuum water pump unit is m after/h, l/min or l/s, is refers to the pump is equipped with standard try to cover, and procedures in accordance with the conditions of operation, from trying to cover through the gas flow and the position specified in the attempt to cover the ratio of the measured pressure imbalance. Hereinafter referred to as the pumping speed of the pump. 2, the limit of the vacuum water pump pressure


the ultimate pressure of the pump unit is a Pa, refers to the pump at the exit is equipped with standard and try to cover according to policy conditions, without the introduction of gas abnormal operation conditions, trend the most industrial solid strong air pressure.

3, vacuum pump steam tolerance:

steam the tolerance of the unit is kg/h, under the condition of abnormal condition, it is to point to pump gas ballast pump pumping operations in succession during steam quality traffic.

4, the coefficient of pumping speed of vacuum pump:

theoretical pumping speed of water pump and the pump outlet by molecular effusion cost-effective practice pumping speed.

5, vacuum pump reflux rate:

the reflux ratio of the pump unit is g/cm2. s。 It refers to the pump according to regulations when working conditions, through the pump discharge pump flow quality flow rate per unit area.

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