- vacuum pump seal structure and lubrication part analysis

by:J&T     2020-05-29

with the progress of the society, the rapid development of industry and agriculture, the improvement of people's life quality, the use of vacuum pump performance and the application range is put forward higher requirements. In this paper, the oil-free vacuum pump supplier to analysis of the vacuum pump seal structure and lubrication components.

a, end cover, shaft seal between shell and pump chamber

because of gear box shell or end cover to the pump discharge pump pipe road that is to say, this part of the stress and the backing water pump inlet pressure basic same, and pump pressure difference between the same cavity is very small, so the labyrinth seal, reverse screw seal or piston ring seal.

2, drive shaft, extension of the dynamic sealing

at present, use more standard mechanical seal and vacuum rubber seal with stiffening ring frames.

mechanical seal consume less power and allows a higher linear velocity; But the structure is complex, high cost. Skeleton seal has simple structure, high power consumption. In order to reduce the friction between the axis and seal ring, shaft surface hardness and smoothness must be high.

in order to prevent shaft wear and tear, can add high hardness on the shaft sleeve and static seal with shaft. Additional, still can use independent seal box structure, make the seal of the removal of replacement is more convenient.

three, vacuum pump body:

some static seal on the end face seal is sealed with silicone room temperature vulcanized rubber membrane, and sealing surface does not need to use the seal groove processing. However, vulcanized rubber sealing membrane is disposable, and preparation of trouble. , during the installation process must master film thickness uniformity.

you can also use the rubber ring vacuum sealing to ensure reliable sealing, to ensure that the axial clearance of the rotor, and can be easily disassembled on site. If the end of the pump body of the structure design, appropriate seal groove machining will be very convenient.

4, vacuum water pump lubrication method of vacuum pump lubrication is mainly composed of three parts: shaft seal: usually oil lubrication; Shaft seal: usually oil lubrication; Shaft seal is usually a cup of lubrication oil. Gear and bearing Using a gear or sump oil to ensure splash lubrication.

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