Vacuum pump seal requirements - to prevent oil spill

by:J&T     2020-05-27

vacuum pump under pressure from their work, should be timely to discharge all the gas produced in the process of vacuum equipment. The right mix of vacuum pump. Because of selective pumping vacuum pump, sometimes can not meet the requirement of the pump, a pump combination and added a few pumps are needed to meet the pumping requirements. For example, titanium sublimation pump for hydrogen gas with high pumping speed, but can't pump helium, and three pole sputtering ion pump ( Or double was asymmetrical cathode sputtering ion pump) For argon has certain pumping speed, and a combination of both will cause a vacuum device has better vacuum degree.

vacuum pump can't work under atmospheric pressure, vacuum need. Some vacuum pump outlet pressure below atmospheric pressure, need booster pump. Therefore, need to use a combination of all pumps. Vacuum equipment requirement for oil pollution. If the device strict with no oil, should choose all kinds of oil pump, such as: water ring pump, molecular sieve adsorption pump, sputter ion water pump, cryogenic pump, etc. If not strict, can choose the oil pump, and adopt some measures to prevent oil pollution, such as increasing cold trap, baffle, oil well, etc. Also can meet the requirements of clean vacuum.

vacuum pump shall be installed on the solid ground, around should leave enough space, facilitate inspection, maintenance and maintenance. Foundation should be kept in the vacuum pump base at the bottom of the horizontal position. Suggestions on the base of four corners are installed on the cushion rubber or bolt, to ensure the smooth running of vacuum pump and low vibration.

vacuum pump and the connection between the pipe should be sealed and reliable. For small vacuum pump, metal pipe connection should be made with oil resistant rubber gasket. Should be adopted for small vacuum pump, vacuum hose connection. Pipe diameter should not be smaller than the vacuum pump suction diameter, pipe should be short, elbow. Vacuum pump seal environment specific operation is as follows:

1, mechanical sealing device;

( 1) Ring and static ring surface should be smooth and clean, no scratches, sealing surface roughness should be keep in 0. Within 87 um.

( 2) Water ring vacuum pump seal of axial-radial beating should be less than 0. 3 mm

( 3) Spring no crack, rust and other defects, spring two end face and the centerline of the verticality deviation should be less than 5/1000, free height difference between the same mechanical seal spring should not be greater than zero. 5 mm

  ( 4) Ladle deviation of ring and static ring seal face is not greater than zero. 02 mm, end of the two parallel degree greater than zero. 4 mm

2. Floating ring seal:

( 1) Support ring, the floating ring and the floating ring is installed on the shaft part should be smooth and intact; Floating ring and support ring seals should be checked for color coating, and requires good contacts.

( 2) Total float ring coaxial casing radial clearance is commonly 0. 15 - 0. 25 mm

( 3) Text and shaft sleeve bearing ring radial clearance should be uniform.

( 4) Support the spring should be no defect, the floating ring support spring in the same group free height deviation shall not be greater than zero. 5 mm. Mechanical vacuum pump oil mainly located in the shaft seal, oil drain tank, oil window, etc. The main reason is that the wear time is too long, bad sealing damaged or assembly, screw not when compression stress is not uniform. When found leak somewhere, maintenance workers and operating personnel immediate measures should be taken. They should not take it for granted that 'small problems' are harmless, just let it go. Otherwise, in the long run, the pump will leak or damage. It's not difficult to solve the oil leakage, need to first oil drain pump, remove the oil and replace the seal. The leakage of the shaft sealing solutions has introduced before. Oil discharge hole, lead plate, rubber board, oil resistant rubber vacuum leak, etc. Can be used as a gasket replacement, and can handle the oil window and other sealing oil leak

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