Vacuum pump repair vendor: processing method, vacuum pump leakage

by:J&T     2020-05-28

Germany when the vacuum pump work, if it is found that water shortage, please first consider whether the inlet pipe with trachoma, cracks or improper joint and into, and observe whether they find air inlet. Some defects are very delicate, it is hard to find them with the naked eye. Usually, they are very laborious, time-consuming, but has not yet been determined. So, next, vacuum pump repair vendor will outline vacuum water pump leakage treatment. In this case, we should do and how to handle?

vacuum pump repair factory summary reason

1. Vacuum pump is not tight

tighten all connecting bolts and tighten the packing gland, then the pipeline and equipment and other components are linked together tightly wrapped. Or replace the gasket and packing. Lime for air leakage, you can also use oil as a temporary remedy.

2。 Bearing deflection

this kind of phenomenon can make the pump impeller lean to the body. For a single pump, axial clearance is not uniform. The impeller rotates, the friction parts must be side cover, scrape side cover and end face of the impeller, and axial clearance. When the compression chamber gas by increasing gap, much of it leak to the suction chamber, it reduces the exhaust pressure or vacuum. At this point, it is necessary to remove bearing repair and installed correctly.

3。 Before the back cover is not concentric

vacuum pump cover and back cover of the side may have very big different axis direction, the result is the same as bearing deflection.

4。 Vacuum pump heat

with the vacuum pump, the rise of temperature of saturated steam pressure will increase, this will reduce the degree of vacuum, but it will have little impact on the exhaust pressure.

vacuum pump leakage treatment

1, check the vacuum damage door is closed and no leakage.

2, check that the steam condenser discharge valve is closed and no leakage.

3, check the water level gauge whether rupture or leakage of vacuum system.

4, check whether the vacuum pump exhaust valve of low pressure cylinder is no fault, and not to breathe in.

5, check the low pressure heater in water under atmospheric pressure is normal and whether drainage gate tighten.

6, check the status of the vacuum pump is connected to the cylinder will have local leak air exhaust pipe. Here, when the load is reduced, the air leakage in a vacuum, vacuum slightly increased after the increase in load.

7, check the vacuum system the water seal of the valve, pipe, flange or weld is fastening, especially the tank or the boiler startup separator to the condenser tube and valve port is strong.

8, check whether the gravity water vacuum pump speed feed water pump can leads to the condenser. If the backwater is small, the water seal bag cannot seal water, feed water pump seal water should be the gravity in the backwater into a groove.

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