Vacuum pump repair - stuck

by:J&T     2020-06-02

vacuum pump stuck

jam is common in vacuum water pump maintenance anomaly. For some reason, the motor overload can't even turn. Usually, this phenomenon is called 'blocking'.

the cause of the vacuum pump jammed

spring is damaged, results in uneven stress of the rotating plate. Improper assembly can make the parts under pressure; Since intake day, external dust filter loss of or damage to the fragments, metal, glass, etc. Fall into the pump chamber. In addition, the pump rotor end face and the rotor plate between the end cover and the gap is too small. The friction and heat that rotor plate stretched or overheating. The rotor plate excessive friction and hardness of the end face of the deep scratches, final sintering and congestion. When important officials and shaft sleeve with too close, if you don't open oil duct, will stick grinding and stuck to each other.

if long time not use vacuum pump, the pump cavity will rust. The pump or pump in high humidity environment out of the wet gas, make the water pump oil emulsion or scaling, even crust. oil viscosity is too high ( Winter) ; The rotor broken when starting. Some pumps in the low vacuum and high vacuum cavity air channels have a semicircular canals. Semicircular grooves on the rubber pressed too tightly, blocked the middle air reverse channel etc. All of these are easy to make the water pump is blocked. This kind of failure is often very dangerous, because at the time of sticking, due to overload or rotor fixed, make the engine burn easily. Even if motor is not burned, if you don't stop and repair as soon as possible, the pump cavity will be crushed and the rotor will be damaged, face will be destroyed.

lock always occur in the rotor, rotor and end face or R4 board or between the rotor and the pump chamber, these parts are key determinants of extreme pressure vacuum pump parts. If sticking, therefore, should immediately stop the pump, troubleshooting, and proper repair. Don't try this machine, even not to act rashly. Otherwise, the whole pump is easy to scrap, beyond repair. Previously mentioned a similar example.

some pump binding problem is easier to repair. Levels before and after the gas channel, for example, is to use rubber sheet in the middle layer at the top of the grinding out a semicircular canals, rubber sheet was tightly pressure tank. When the airway semicircle groove for rubber sheet is too thick, too tight or tank rubber oil bubble aeration and jams, the pump will not be able to start or after a period of time will be blocked. At this time, only need to remove the pump, remove redundant rubber mat, and then reassembled.

if too tightly on the exhaust valve, vacuum pump manufacturers in guangdong will be stuck. For example, has a 400 litres/minute plunger water pump, when the exhaust valve is too tight and not jump, there is a jam phenomenon. At this time, just open the window, slightly loosen the exhaust valve nut, and adjust it to restore the state.

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