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by:J&T     2020-05-28

if the use of certain items for a long time, will inevitably be damaged. Vacuum pump was widespread use in many industrial fields. If have oil mist and oil droplets in the exhaust, the reason is what? Now, with vacuum pump repair factory, the author analyzes the reasons of exhaust medium oil mist and oil droplets. What is the oil mist? The concentration of oil mist is refers to the air medium oil steam. There are usually two ways to form oil mist. First, under the action of pressure pipeline of oil through the line of small seal points out, formed to the naked eye it is difficult to identify and spread around the oil particles in the air. Second, spilled oil on the surface of hot ( The surface of the boiler for example) And evaporate into the surrounding the formation of oil vapor in the air.

why do you want to study oil mist?

there are two reasons. The first reason is fuel-efficiency requirements. The oil mist in the air is thick, and there is no limit to the number of scattering. There is no doubt that oil leakage phenomenon. In the long run, oil loss cannot be underestimated. The second reason, of course, is more important, is easy to cause fire. Many engineers believe that the oil spray on a hot surface, will immediately ignite. This is actually a misunderstanding. Must have three sufficient conditions for the fire: a certain concentration of oil mist; A certain amount of oxygen. And ignition energy. If you want to make the fire burning, still need to form a chain reaction conditions, i. e. , will penetrate enough concentration of oil mist in the air. Therefore, if the oil into the hot surface on fire, you must satisfy the three sufficient conditions. On a hot surface spraying a small drop of oil will not under the flame burning, but owing to lack of oil concentration, will send out a small cloud of smoke.

vacuum pump repair factory analyzed the reasons of exhaust gas medium oil mist and oil droplets, the processing method is as follows:

a, exhaust medium oil mist and the cause of the oil droplets

1. Too much oil pump.

2。 Exhaust filter installed incorrectly or filtering material to crack.

3。 Exhaust filter clogging.

4。 Oil return valve failure, return pipe plug.

1 second, vacuum pump repair methods. Drain excess oil.

2。 Reinstall the exhaust or exhaust filter replacement.

3。 Replace the exhaust filter.

4。 Check that the oil return valve and clean the return pipe.

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