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by:J&T     2020-05-27

if the parts in the vacuum pump device is polluted? What is the good cleaning method? Today, the vacuum water pump will give you share some cleaning techniques, friends should remember them!

a, vacuum pump unit in the cleaning technique of solvent to oil

attached in the grease of the parts can be divided into two categories: mineral oil and animal and plant oil. Can use organic solvent to remove mineral oil, animal and plant oil can be removed using alkali solution. However, as a matter of fact, there are two types of oils and fats often exist at the same time, so often in the process of cleaning of continuous use several different solvents.

1, lye to oil

when parts soaked in lye, because of the lye and oil chemistry, animal and plant oil conversion can be a fatty acid salt ( Saponification) , can be dissolved in water, so that the parts to remove grease. From the degreasing solution, should immediately with warm water thoroughly clean metal parts, and then use cold water to clean. If the metal surface not wetted by water ( There are water droplets) , which means that the oil is not fully clear, should be dealt with again.

2, organic solvent to oil

organic solvent soluble mineral oil, animal and plant oil, and can be used for oil removal with lye. Common organic solvents include trichloroethylene, tetrachloroethylene, gasoline, ethyl ether, etc. Water is a good solvent for all kinds of inorganic substances and other substances. Because the tap water contains more chlorine ion, usually by heating the water to clean. When the demand is higher, can use distilled water or deionized water, after electroplating and acid and alkali corrosion parts usually with flowing water washing.

second, vacuum pump unit in the cleaning technique of alkaline etching processing

after degreasing, etching, removal of oxide on the surface of the metal. After heat treatment, there would be no oil on the parts, can direct etching processing, remove the oxide layer after annealing. Etching processing usually in acidic solution. Most metal oxides and metal itself can react with appropriate concentration of acid solution. The oxide reacts with an acid to form a salt and water. Metal reacts with an acid to form a salt and hydrogen. Part of the hydrogen adsorption on the metal surface, some of the metal will become fragile. In order to avoid excessive metal embrittlement and corrosion, can join in the corrosive liquid corrosion inhibitor, and proper control of etching solution concentration and temperature.

three, vacuum pump unit in the cleaning technique of electrochemical cleaning

will stay clean metal parts in certain in the solution, the components connected to the power of positive electrode and negative electrode, the made of certain materials plate connected to the power of another electrode, thereby adjusting the mains voltage in order to obtain a certain current density, to remove the oil on the surface of the metal and oxide layer.

the efficiency of electricity to remove oil several times higher than chemical degreasing. If with alkali electrolyte, can using ac or DC power supply, but the ac electric lift oil rate than DC fast. Electricity is principle to remove oil, electrolytic process, the electrode (sharp bubble Cathodic hydrogen anode produce oxygen) 。 A thin layer of grease on attached to the parts damaged due to mechanical shock. At the same time, the oil and lye saponification and emulsification, accelerate the degreasing process. Electrolytic power supply voltage is usually 2 - For 5-12 v, electrode distance 15cm。

4, vacuum pump device of clean technique in ultrasonic cleaning

the principle of ultrasonic cleaning is the use of it caused by the medium of 'gap', namely the vibration of the ultrasonic cleaning medium density change, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning. Vibration lead to medium sparse, closed sometimes, sparse form when the instantaneous clearance; Shut down the process of instantaneous wallop can reach several atmospheric pressure. The powerful impact damage of oil film on the surface of the object, make it from an object's surface, and fell into the solution with pollutants.

ultrasonic cleaning can remove the pollutants in the component hole, this is common cleaning methods can not be achieved. Ultrasonic cleaning solution can be used to water and other solvents. Trichloroethylene oil removal effect is good, the general working frequency is 4 ~ 10 MHZ.

Nowadays, the adoption of water pump in winter cover pump industry is quite common.
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