Vacuum pump overhaul - what are the step

by:J&T     2020-05-31

an overhaul of vacuum pump is called overhaul. For some have taken some maintenance measures but failed to eliminate the fault of the vacuum pump, vacuum degree is still low, there is still a leak. Or some pump is one of the following phenomena: 'stuck', if the pump oil dirty, pump internal dirty, rust or improper use of the vacuum water pump oil becomes scleroma skin (internal parts This can happen in silicone oil into the vacuum pump) , the rotor plate with a loud crash, foreign body ( Metal fragments, broken glass, copper, etc. ) 。 ) Scraped into the pump cavity pump cavity, and due to friction and the heating temperature is very serious, More than 70 ℃) And so on. Vacuum pump needs to be completely dismantled for cleaning and maintenance. So, thoroughly remove and repair the vacuum pump is steps? We should pay attention to? Small make up today I will tell you.

1, cut off power supply, pull the plug. If the vacuum pump on the system, should be removed from the device.

2, loosen bolts oil discharge of oil, and manually driven pulley discharge pump cavity all remaining oil. Should be appropriate to collect oil, usually placed an iron under vacuum water pump bottom oil pan or disk ( Often referred to as square pad) In order to distillation recycling and avoid environmental pollution in the future.

3, remove the belt, remove the pulley, keys, disconnect the backplane, depending on how well the motor ( Such as fever, dirty and dry grinding noise, vibration, etc. ) And decide. ) Should repair or send electrician's wash oil.

4。 First demolition of low vacuum side cover plate ( Backend cover plate, that is, from one end of the pump wheel) , dismantled according to different screw using different tools. For ordinary hexagon screws, can use stay wrench; Should be used for inner hexagon screws, inner hexagon wrench; If necessary, should use the socket wrench, so as not to damage the screw. Tighten the cover screw, gently open the end cover. If the end cover is tightly closed, and slowly try to open it. Can use the file, for example, in the joint of pump cavity and end cover plate to file a small groove, and then with a screwdriver ( The screwdriver) Insert the small groove, use hand knock with a screwdriver handle, or with a small hammer tapping screw driver, make its exit from the side cover board, do not allow the hammer.

5, with a rubber gasket seal, remove the rubber gasket, exit the locating pin.

6, take out the rotor and rotor. Usually, low rotor end set, there are two wire coil, and through the coil with screw screwed into the coil can be easily pulled low rotor. However, it should be noted that when pull the rotor to rotate the plate by hand tightly. Due to the spring force by rotating plate, it is easy to fly, fall to the ground or into hard objects, damage to the edge of the rotating plate and the surface, causing unnecessary scratches.

7。 Remove the high vacuum side, remove the high rotor and rotor plate. At this point, can only hold rotating plate and the shaft by hand to take out the rotor.

8。 Before disassemble pump, should know in advance to disassembly and maintenance of the pump structure characteristic and each part of the general structure types. For example, do not remove parts belong to the component itself, as some of the rotary vane pump rotor, and the surface of the appropriate correction and adjustment. If the glass pieces falling into a composite rotor, damage of metal foreign body cavity or rotor slot itself wear too much, can be in needs to be repaired and its changing accessories disassembly, but should be carefully remember assembly method.

9, for each component removed, check the accuracy, smoothness, and damage. Should pay special attention to the edges on both ends of the rotor and rotor, check whether the damage and make records. For water pump maintenance personnel are not familiar with the business, should remember all components and parts of the original assembly position gradually, and make records, in order to prevent they remember in the repackaging. At the same time, remove the parts shall not put the wrong position, accumulation, damage or loss. Had better put it in a square plate, or you can put it in a wooden box, clean and covered in silk.

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