Vacuum pump out liquid - the eight common problem

by:J&T     2020-05-30

in simple terms, a vacuum water pump is to use a variety of methods in a closed space and maintain a vacuum device. Vacuum pump if improper operation, often appear fault, we are common in the daily production of vacuum pump failure mainly includes the vacuum degree is not high. bearing parts of the overheating; Abnormal machine, vacuum pump; Vacuum pump oil, oil; Vacuum pump start-up difficulties; Vacuum pump out liquid the six common problems. Below small make up would be for vacuum pump out liquid, how to carry out vacuum pump maintenance? This problem, we give the detailed solution, help to eliminate vacuum pump failure, make the vacuum pump play its biggest role.

how to reduce the vacuum pump energy consumption?

。 Reasonable choice of the vacuum pump materials

consider to maintain the operation of the vacuum unit life in more than four years, as far as possible choose low cast, for a medium, such as corrosive liquid flow components anticorrosive, optional stainless steel material, of course, the specific use in combination with the practical requirements of industry is concerned.

B。 Reasonable output of the vacuum pump is

first, understanding the resistance of the vacuum pump system at all levels to eliminate resistance anomalies. Second consideration under the common effect of various unfavorable factors its biggest to smoke gas, combining operation requirements determine the safety and economy of system pressure. According to the total swept volume to modify vacuum unit output configuration, ensure safe premise, make the system in a medium speed running, make the vacuum degree necessary for the operating condition and matching with the vacuum pump efficiency of pumping gas.

C。 Reasonable with good line

the theoretical practice close coordination with the method of calculation and model experiment, selects reliable efficient pipeline, and to ensure that the swept volume, low in May to vacuum condition of promises.

  D. Try to play the potential of the motor

vacuum pump out liquid, how to carry out vacuum pump maintenance? Vacuum pump out liquid, there will be eight kinds of situation, then followed the small make up to look at the eight o.

1, no perfusion liquid

the solution: to irrigation pump.

2, suction pipe, outlet pipe or pump flow channel congestion

the solution: to eliminate clutter.

3, no free gas in the suction pipe or pump

the solution: maintenance suction pipe net gas side by side.

4, on the suction height more than allowed range

the solution: according to allow on the suction height according to the pump.

5, the line is too thin, line loss too big

the solution: in a suitable pressure out of the line.

6, use the head over the design head

the solution: to choose the pump.

7, conveying hot, volatile medium

the solution: reduce the installing or using suction flow backward.

8, to counter the

the solution: correct.

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