Vacuum pump operating hints and points for attention _

by:J&T     2020-05-30
Vacuum pump operation point

water ring vacuum water pump operation, constantly filling water to maintain liquid seal pump, cooling effect at the same time, but the vacuum pump can cause is limited by the temperature of the water in the pump body.

liquid ring vacuum pump can make the spare gas is not direct contact with the pump shell, therefore. As long as the impeller when pumping corrosive gas manufactured materials for corrosion resistance. in the gas with the liquid must not take note of chemical reaction. For example, when the suction air water, concentrated sulfuric acid pump nitrogen when available. Also should pay attention to the liquid should not containing solid particles, otherwise, will make the impeller and casing suffer from wear and tear, reduce the extraction ability.

single stage steam jet pump can be obtained only 90% of the vacuum, if you want to get more than 95% of the vacuum, can adopt several steam jet pump used together, can get bigger vacuum degree.

vacuum pump operating considerations

vacuum system startup, before the system with mechanical water pump to low vacuum, again through the diffusion of condensate pump. And then gradually heating oil boil and normal return before you start the oil diffusion pump. Closed oil diffusion pump. Need to cut off the heater power first, after waiting for the oil to stop boiling and then close the condensed water, then close the diffusion pump before and after the two piston, then the mechanical pump suction through the atmosphere to stop mechanical pump. Usually before the mechanical pump and the oil diffusion water pump in a cold trap, in order to avoid impurities such as organic matter, water vapor into the mechanical pump, affect the performance of pump. Cold trap cooling jing could be selected according to the need of dry ice, liquid nitrogen, etc.

to glass vacuum system leakage, the use of high frequency spark vacuum leak detector is more convenient. It is the use of low pressure gas in high frequency electric field, the inductive discharge occurs, produced by the different color to roughly estimate the vacuum level, to determine whether a system leak. Leak detection process is as follows, start the mechanical pump minutes later, system of vacuum degree can reach 1. 333-13. 33Pa。

of the importance of clean surface of the vacuum pump

in the vacuum system of monolayer exposed on the surface of a single layer of gas is basically a infinite in the air, which make the vacuum pump in full working condition. The wavelength of visible light is 5 x10 - 5 cm, and the interval between the molecules of a monolayer of 10 - 7cm。 Understand this can be more outstanding the small degree of monolayer. When assembling vacuum system, must use the liquid chemical cleaning on the surface, and required cleaning fluid after evaporation drying, the residues are negligible. In addition, for the final cleaning liquid vapor pressure must be high enough, so that in the not too long time can volatilize, dry.

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