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by:J&T     2020-05-29

the quality of the vacuum pump oil mainly depends on the viscosity and degree of vacuum, vacuum degree depends on the value under different temperature conditions. The higher the temperature, the greater the stability of the vacuum degree, the better the oil.

the choice of the vacuum pump oil viscosity;

a, vacuum pump oil recommended viscosity range:

1. Piston vacuum pump can use ordinary engine oil, equipped with V100 and V150 viscosity grade of oil.

2。 Rotary vane vacuum pumps use V68 and V100 viscosity grade of oil.

3, straight league ( High speed) Rotary vane vacuum pumps use V46 V68 and viscosity grade of oil.

4。 Rotary piston vacuum pump use V68 and V100 viscosity grade of oil.

5。 Cycloidal pump use V100 and V150 viscosity grade of oil.

6。 The roots vacuum pump ( Mechanical booster pump) Gear transmission system can be used V32 and V46 vacuum water pump lubrication.

2, viscosity selection principles

the choice of the oil viscosity is one of the important factors that affect the vacuum pump performance. The viscosity of the liquid is the flow of fluid resistance, or liquid internal friction. The higher the viscosity, the greater the resistance of various parts of movement speed.

temperature increase, the power loss is big; If the viscosity is too small, the sealing performance of the pump will become worse, leads to the deterioration of the gas leakage and vacuum. Therefore, the choice of all kinds of vacuum pump oil viscosity is very important, the choice of the oil viscosity is as follows:

1. The higher the pump speed, the lower the viscosity of the selected oil.

2。 The higher the linear speed of the pump rotor, the lower the viscosity of the selected oil.

3。 parts more precise or friction parts machining accuracy, the smaller the gap between the selected the lower the viscosity of oil.

4。 When the vacuum pump used in high temperature, should choose the larger oil viscosity.

5。 For the vacuum pump with cooling water circulation, low viscosity oil is usually appropriate.

7, other types of vacuum pump, according to its speed, precision, limit vacuum, etc. Can choose the corresponding oil.

3. Viscosity index and viscosity

viscosity index, usually people think that 'sticky' on experience, the greater the degree of vacuum, the better. In fact, this is not the case. 'Thin' and 'sticky' DVC, DVE VG22, 32 and 46 relative visual observation and handle, there is no quantitative data. If the measurement under 40 ℃ of two kinds of oil viscosity values are the same, when oil cooling to room temperature, 'thin' oil is better than 'sticky' oil. Because of the 'lean' oil viscosity index is higher than 'sticky'. Viscous oil viscosity changes with temperature change is very big, the low viscosity index and viscosity index is 1 vacuum pump oil. 6×10- 5, 4. 0×10- 5, 1. 6×10- One of the important indices for 5. High viscosity index of oil pump of viscosity and temperature variations. In addition, the cooling pump is easy to start, has obvious energy saving effect. Especially in the summer, with the increase of environmental temperature and pump the oil temperature, oil extreme pressure can maintain good result.

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