Vacuum pump oil performance advantages

by:J&T     2020-05-29

vacuum pump oil not only as a material for vacuum pump, also has the lubrication, cooling, and the effect of sealing machinery friction point, increase the use of vacuum pump. The main features are: very low vapor pressure, suitable viscosity and good viscosity-temperature characteristics, good causticizing stability, strong resistance to corrosion and high resistance to emulsion and its flash point.

vacuum pump vacuum value for 10 - commonly Up to 10-4, the biggest regulations 8 mm hg or higher, thus the quality of the vacuum pump oil should be centralized on the very low saturated vapor pressure. In other words, the regulation of oil volatilization is very small, small Shi Laji narrow distillate is ideal. And because the vacuum pump is easy to digest absorb moisture, so oil should have excellent water separation. Including to extraction residue and stain of the vacuum water pump, oil should also include cleaning fluid and floating preservatives, in order to avoid the vacuum pump lubrication part of the cause of silt, carbon material and the stain.

vacuum pump oil is used in vacuum pump oil. Apart from the general to put it bluntly of lubrication, cooling, lubricating oil, oxidation resistance, oil-water separator and other features, is paid more attention to, under the bottom pressure, far less than the basic oil light components. With popularization to other words, it represents a vacuum packaging, you won't sucker and extraction. , you will quickly be vacuum pump vacuum pump actual effect, rather than vacuum packaging, vacuum value does not necessarily can do it. This must be height to width ratio of the oil refinery, it is necessary to choose synthetic oil

idealized vacuum pump oil with high viscosity coefficient, low saturated vapor pressure, excellent oil-water separator and the air oxidation stability, high pump efficiency and ultimate vacuum pump. Physics and the physical properties of the vacuum pump oil contains: kinematic viscosity ( 40℃) Viscosity coefficient and the opening flash point demulsification degree, air bubble resistance, oxidation stability, saturation vapor pressure, limit the motor rated power and limit pressure circuit. According to the quality level set by the various physical and chemical performance test for the new project quality standard to see national standards for SH/T0528 - oil products 92.

could the vacuum pump oil is in the office environment. In a clean dry bath extraction of natural environment, operating temperature is less than 100 ℃, 500 - each In 2000 work hours or half an year is changing oil. In extreme office environment, an oil change time must be less than 500 hours of work. When the vacuum pump oil and tonal darker brown, should be moved around.

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