Vacuum pump oil leak, so solve the _

by:J&T     2020-05-30

either buy imported or domestic vacuum pump, vacuum pump after a period of time, after the use of vacuum pump oil is always a problem. What are the reasons? Everyone knows that the oil is very trouble. First, it pollutes the environment. Second, it will cause the vacuum pump oil waste. You need to add new oil. Third, it can lead to problems with vacuum pump. If no timely find the oil pump will be in it. No vacuum pump oil ( Below the quantity of oil required for the normal operation) , prone to failure, leading to economic costs. Let's take a look at the causes for the leakage of vacuum pump and the solution!

1 vacuum water pump oil outlet, leakage, when when used under the condition of high temperature, vacuum pump oil outlet interface oil leakage may occur. This phenomenon is, in fact, the simplest and best problem. We can to adhesive tubing after shutdown. Seal and find the location of the leak is very simple.

2 switching machines, please pay attention to whether the oil

if you can't find the oil, this is very troublesome, because where there are lots of sealed vacuum pump, every place has the possibility of the spill. We only see the ground leak every time. But, no oil in the surface, at this moment need a thorough check oil vacuum pump, because sometimes there is small cracks and holes on the tubing, it is difficult to vacuum pump can't work. Found that, due to the vacuum pump in operation, the internal pressure and external pressure, cause the pressure difference, lead to the vacuum pump oil leak, but can't find the problem when it doesn't. Run. This is the most common problems. ( This kind of phenomenon is in the open and closed)

3 add new oil, please observe the location of the oil sight glass

we sometimes see oil will not leak out. It spewed from vent. At this point, it is necessary to observe whether there is a smoke or smoke when the machine is open. After adding new oil could appear this kind of circumstance, because usually, customers don't know how much is the amount of fuel, and always will be the oil into the interior. I don't think any overflow. No problem. In fact not the case. When we add new oil oil. Location is usually added to the two-thirds of the mirror, so you don't have to pour it in. If oil sight disappear, it will lead to full vacuum pump oil when open, lead to the jet or out through the outlet port. Due to the limited oil mist separator for vacuum pump oil recycling, so can't completely absorb it. Therefore, in this case, open the oil discharge port to release part of the oil, thus no oil in the ground.

4 there is something wrong with the vacuum pump inside the

inside the vacuum pump is the most troublesome problems. Check valve oil seal, for example, or damaged. At this point, the vacuum pump fuel injection and oil return phenomenon will occur. Because it is oil, vacuum pump oil will be returned by suction. It will pollute our. The suction gas or other substances can cause unnecessary economic losses. At this point, you need to remove and replace it. If you can change yourself, the best. If not, please send the replacement for manufacturers.

these are the most common type of leak. Because we use the environment and in other parts of the vacuum pump problem, we sometimes may cause such as fuel injection and oil leakage problem. At this time, we are unable to determine the problems and solutions. What time, please get professional maintenance of the vacuum pump company is your best choice for the

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