Vacuum pump oil inspection requirements and inspection standards

by:J&T     2020-05-30

vacuum pump oil inspection requirement and standard

vacuum pump oil plays an important role in the safety of the vacuum system. High quality vacuum water pump oil by test can show the oxidation resistance, good thermal stability, lubricity, sealing performance and low chemical activity. In addition, excluding volatile contaminants, moisture absorption, high boiling point, low vapor, long service life, renewable, these are the evaluation of performance of the high quality vacuum pump oil.

1, vacuum pump oil performance analysis. Sealing performance analysis: to prevent exhaust valve into the atmosphere, relative to the moving parts ( The rotor and stator, rotor and rotor, tank, etc. ) There is gap between seal. ) 。

2。 Lubrication performance analysis: relative lubrication between moving parts to minimize wear and tear.

3。 Performance analysis: oil circulation between the water pump and fuel tank, heat dissipation.

4。 Bearing and package performance analysis: dust particles or other wear of the particles in oil, to reduce the damage of wear and tear.

5。 Protection performance analysis: form a protective film, prevent water and chemical corrosion steam condensate pump internal components.

2, the requirements of the vacuum pump oil performance

1. Under high temperature, the saturation vapor pressure is low, less volatile components.

2, minimum water content and water absorption.

3。 Must have a certain viscosity, along with the temperature change is small ( Viscosity temperature curve smoothing) 。

4, lubrication performance is good, has the good under mechanical stress crack resistance.

5。 Corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and stable chemical properties.

3, vacuum pump oil testing standard SH/T0528 - 1992 four for mineral oil type vacuum pump oil, vacuum pump oil inspection items

viscosity grade, kinematic viscosity, density, flash point, pour point, neutralization, chromaticity, residual carbon and demulsibility, corrosion test, the performance of the bubble, oxidation stability, water soluble alkali test, moisture content, mechanical impurity, saturated vapor pressure of threshold pressure

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