Vacuum pump oil, choose the main performance of _

by:J&T     2020-05-29
Main properties of vacuum pump oil selection

in the vacuum pump, vacuum water pump oil is not only used as a medium for vacuum, but also lubrication, cooling and sealing machinery sore spot.

1。 Very low vapor pressure which is the most important performance vacuum pump oil. Due to the requirements of the vacuum pump vacuum degree is 1. 33 × 10- 4Pa( 10 - 6毫米汞柱) , so the high demand of 1. 33 × 10- 4Pa( 10 - 6毫米汞柱) 。 The requirement in the following paragraphs, vacuum pump oil has low evaporation. Normally, use a narrow fractions based on paraffin oil, and the diffusion pump, can be used with low vapor pressure of silicon oil or other synthetic oil.

2。 The proper viscosity and good viscosity temperature characteristics of the vacuum system USES the internal volume of the pump housing to form a continuous change exhaust function. Lubricating oil should have proper viscosity and good viscosity Temperature characteristic.

3。 Good thermal oxidation stability of the vacuum pump has been developing at a high speed. Due to high speed friction between sliding part and the pump body, high oil temperature rise, adding to the oil heat and oxidation. Diffusion pump usually run under high temperature, so the vapor pressure in the system increase and vacuum degree is reduced, so the required vacuum pump oil has excellent thermal oxidation stability.

4。 Good corrosion resistance and demulsibility. If the vacuum pump suction corrosive gas, it will pump corrosion of metal parts and chemical changes in the oil. In addition, suction often contain water vapor in the air, which leads to the vacuum pump oil emulsion, so need to have good corrosion resistance and demulsibility. In the process of vacuum dehydration using vacuum pump oil emulsification is more outstanding.

5。 High flash point for vacuum pump not carry light component, so as not to affect the oil saturation vapor pressure.

6。 Lower limit pressure limit is to know the vacuum pump oil in the lowest limit of vacuum pressure under extreme pressure is an important performance index.

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