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by:J&T     2020-05-30

recently, I always hear vacuum pump industry friends ask the difference between the vacuum pump oil and engine oil. Many friend don't determine the relationship between the two. Small make up today and let us give you a detailed introduction. Need to know the friend should collect as soon as possible.

a, what is the vacuum pump oil?

vacuum pump oil vacuum pump is designed for vacuum equipment and development of a lubricating oil. It is divided into a synthetic mineral oil. Vacuum pump oil needs strong ability of demulsification, should choose according to the regulations of equipment manufacturers of oil with appropriate use of performance and the vacuum pump oil viscosity grades.

with vacuum pump oil oxidation stability: with air, resin, chemical raw materials such as non-perishable after direct contact for a long time. Under the condition of high temperature, so as to reduce the harmful film and the formation of oil, and provide a longer oil change period.

rust corrosion, can form a very effective anticorrosion film on metal surface, completely prevent inhaling corrosion caused by corrosive gas and water system. Separation in oil entrained water can quickly to the vacuum degree required.

it has a low vapor pressure, in order to prevent the oil from the inner cavity of the pump back into the vacuum system, and spread to oil. To ensure enough limit vacuum.

2, what is the oil?

oil, engine oil, lubrication, cleaning, cooling, sealing, reduce wear and prevent engine rust and corrosion. The engine is the heart of the car. There are many friction each other in the engine of the surface of the metal. These parts moving speed, bad environment. Working temperature can reach 400 ℃ 600 ℃, in such bad working conditions, only qualified lubricating oil can reduce wear of engine parts, prolong service life.

according to difference of base oil, the oil on the market can be divided into mineral oil synthetic (simply Vegetable oil because of the low yield, so not counted) 。 Synthetic oil content in total synthesis and the synthesis. All synthetic engine oil is the highest level.

oil is composed of base oil and additives. Base oil is the main element of the lubricating oil, determines the basic properties of the lubricating oil. Additives can complement and improve base oil performance, gives some new performance, base oil is an important part of the lubricating oil.

lubricant base oils including mineral base oil and synthetic base oil. Mineral base oil is widely used and extensive use of ( More than 95%) , but in some applications, you must use a synthetic base oil products. The use of the three, vacuum pump oil


1. In order to guarantee the normal operation of the vacuum system, in the process of use and storage and transportation should prevent mechanical impurities and water from entering the pollutants, so as not to affect the service life of vacuum oil and normal operation of the system.

2。 Residual oil often contain lots of pollutants and aging product, this will seriously affect the use of the new oil quality and service life. Therefore, when an oil change, should be clean and oil tank. Inject new oil from the pump suction, slowly turn the water pump shaft by hand, in order to clean the pump cavity side by side residual oil. Detergents must be repeated several times.

3。 Different brands of vacuum pump oil quality. If mixing, the quality of the oil is likely to change. Therefore, different types of vacuum pump oil won't mix.

4。 When used in solvents, water vapor and corrosive gas, should check breteler mm after use. When oil was emulsified or dilution and influence on the performance of the pump seal, oil should be replaced.

5。 When the vacuum water pump use, easy forming condensate in the vacuum pump. Mix oil with water to make the oil emulsification and metamorphism, so as to damage the vacuum pump.

4, how to discern between true and false oil?

1。 It depends on the appearance of the packaging. Famous brand oil seal cover cover in one time, had sealed tinfoil, notches on the tin foil manufacturers of special tags. Without these characteristics, it is likely to be false. In addition, the brand is oil security, in inconspicuous places with special markers, such as tag stickers, tank bottom, inside of the lid, handle, etc. If the criminals will packing made false, they can identify by comparing the two outer packing.

2。 Observe the oil products. True oil color light and transparent, without impurities, no suspension, no sediment, shaking when liquidity is good. Darker false oil or oil, or have impurities and precipitation, or strong stimulation, liquidity is poor, when I shake or have fingered wiredrawing phenomenon.

fake products generally have three categories:

a is to use the recycling waste oil filling after dealing with the public;

two is the simple base oil mix, do not add any additives.

3 is to buy cheap oil filling, shoddy. Generally will be the color of the false oil to oil and true.

through the above introduction, we now know that there is a difference between vacuum pump oil and engine oil. If no difference should be called vacuum pump oil, oil, or oil for the vacuum pump oil. Vacuum water pump oil in the name he should feel a vacuum equipment need to use special oil.

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