Vacuum pump oil and engine oil difference: is it okay to use the oil instead of vacuum pump oil _

by:J&T     2020-05-30

we recently asked a lot of problems, such as vacuum pump oil and engine oil distinction, with the oil can replace the vacuum water pump oil? The oil of vacuum pump oil use what for? Vacuum pump oil shortage? And so on, such as small make up also is according to the needs of people with the difference between the popularization of the vacuum pump oil and engine oil.

1。 What is the vacuum pump oil?

vacuum pump oil specifically for the vacuum equipment of the development of the vacuum pump on the lubricant. It is divided into a synthetic mineral oil. Vacuum pump oil needs strong emulsifying ability. Should choose according to equipment manufacturer's product regulations with appropriate performance and viscosity grade of vacuum pump oil.

with vacuum pump oil oxidation stability: under the condition of long-term direct contact with air, resin, chemical raw materials, etc. Don't make it bad, to reduce the harmful film and the formation of oil, and provide longer oil change period.

rust corrosion, can form a very effective anticorrosion film on metal surface, can completely prevent inhaling corrosion caused by corrosive gas and moisture system. It can quickly separate entrained water in the oil, in order to achieve the required degree of vacuum.

it has a low vapor pressure, in order to prevent the oil from the inner cavity of the pump to return to the vacuum system to get back to the oil. This ensures that sufficient limit vacuum.

2. What is the oil?

engine oil, engine oil, referred to as the 'blood' of the car, lubrication, cleaning, cooling, sealing, reduce, rust and prevent the engine. Engine is the core of the car. There are a lot of friction between the metal surface. These parts moving speed, bad environment. Working temperature can reach 400 ° C to 600 ° C. Under such harsh conditions, only qualified lubricant can reduce wear of engine parts, prolong service life.

oil density is about 0. 91×103( kg / m3) Lubrication and reduce engine, cooling, sealing leak proof, rust and corrosion, shock absorption, etc. The oil on the market can be divided into mineral oil, synthetic because its base oil (different Due to the scarce production, vegetable oil is not counted) 。 The total synthesis of synthetic oil further divided into: and half synthesis. Fully synthetic engine oil is the highest level.

oil consists of two parts, the base oil and additives. Base oil is the main element of the lubricating oil, it determines the basic properties of the lubricating oil. Additives can make up and improve base oil performance, and provides some new properties. It is an important part of the lubricating oil.

in order to prevent pump injection and oil return, improve pump lubrication condition, enlarge the using range of pumps, rotary vane pump is equipped with all kinds of accessories, such as oil mist catcher, molecular filter, filter, and chemical filters. With the progress of technology and improvement of process requirement, the structure of the rotary vane pump to be more perfect, continuously improve performance.

comparison from the above we can see the difference between the vacuum pump oil and engine oil, vacuum pump oil and the oil is not the same. You also don't use the oil to replace vacuum pump oil. Need to connect the vacuum pump oil constant mechanical and electrical, 400 - 862 - 5533 oh!

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