Vacuum pump of pure carbon plate maintenance -

by:J&T     2020-07-01

fine vacuum pump carbon piece to general rotary vane vacuum water pump rotor slot. Vacuum pump rotor and carbon plate seal in the vacuum pump cylinder. Vacuum pump oil as RunHua substances, improving vacuum pump touch the area of pure carbon plate and cylinder, the end of the vacuum pump to achieve ideal circumstances. Vacuum pump of pure carbon too short or too thin, can lead to vacuum value is not enough, and even lead to serious common vacuum pump failure.

vacuum pump of pure carbon is a kind of self lubricating carbon pills, have strong wear resistance. Vacuum pump carbon plate heat, no vacuum pump oil and water as material, save resources; Vacuum pump of pure carbon piece of zero pollution, more environmental protection because of the built-in RunHua vacuum pump light carbon particles in the pure carbon piece will come out from the outlet line; Vacuum pump of pure carbon efficiency higher, more suitable for high speed vacuum pump. With fine carbon piece of vacuum pump and vacuum pump oil pump rotation.

before installing or changing a vacuum pump of pure carbon, must clean vacuum pump cylinder wall, do not have any residual; Vacuum pump installation of pure carbon, be sure to check the cylinder wall is damaged. Carbon films, should also pay attention to corner cut position can not disorder, or you will quickly destroy fine vacuum pump carbon piece. Maintenance pump rolling bearing, and high temperature grease. If the rolling bearing damaged, common fault accident happens, serious consequences. Air inlet filter core features should maintain a stable job, and shall timely conversion and maintenance.

application of vacuum pump, engine block and bearing end cover lumen to maintain smooth, fine or vacuum pump carbon piece is very easy to accelerate damage; After the service support, laser cutting, grinding polishing and grinding and polishing of other types of vacuum pump pure carbon. Application, also it is important to prevent the machining accuracy is not enough to vacuum water pump the plan of the fine carbon plate heat transfer coefficient and heat transfer coefficient of the vertical change, and protect the goods damaged in the production process to construct. 2 carbon plate can not be together into a tub, and installed in the same rotor and prevent because of the dangers of centripetal force, to prevent the two vacuum pump of pure carbon plate blade fracture caused by the differences in track and field, the gelling and scratched the engine cylinder cavity.

described the effect of fine interpretation by means of vacuum pump carbon piece, expect can have certain help to you, if you want to master a lot of basic information about the vacuum pump pure carbon plate, a warm welcome to online consultation water ring vacuum pump manufacturers online customer service, people will be striven show the intimate service for you!

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