Vacuum pump motor troubleshooting and solutions _

by:J&T     2020-05-29

vacuum water pump motor fault is also one of the most common problems of the vacuum pump. The following is a vacuum pump motor of common failures and troubleshooting methods. Please read the complete dry. The faults of ac motor is different, the same fault may vary, and may be due to different reasons to cause the same phenomenon. Is the essence through the phenomena to grasp, in order to achieve accurate judgment, suit the remedy to the case.

vacuum water pump motor fault fault can be divided into two broad categories: mechanical and electromagnetic: the former such as the broom ( Outer rotor and stator inner ring friction) , bearing wear, etc. , which occur in the winding. Check the principle, is the first is external and internal, is first mechanical and electromagnetic.

vacuum pump motor to determine fault, first should understand the occurrence of fault, especially before and after the failure of change. To observe the abnormal situation of the motor, such as the end cover, fan, end cover, shell, whether is loose, broken and damaged, airway blockage, shaft bending, whether there is a special phenomenon of odour, insulation was burned down. Smell the smell of the oil or other oil melting and evaporation. Turn the rotor by hand, listen to whether there is foreign body friction or stator and rotor core friction. If can still start the motor, please pay attention to during startup and operation whether the abnormal sound. With the hand touch the motor parts, check the degree of heat as well as the existence of local overheating ( Compared with other parts such as bearing chamber near the heat) And vibration.

phase asynchronous vacuum water pump motor winding damage, and loss of phasor operation caused a large number of windings. The so-called lack of phase operation means running motor suddenly loses power, motor is still at work. Because the current is too large, winding will burn out. When lacks operation, the motor sound is abnormal. Discovered, shall be immediately cut off the power to stop check.

in addition, the vacuum pump motor winding short-circuit fault is relatively common, winding short circuit to ground can be divided into single phase winding short circuit, grounding, two phase winding, the interphase short circuit and short circuit between a phase winding itself in turn. When damage to the insulation between the winding and core, ground fault will occur. Due to high current, ground winding may burn out or fuse fuse fusing, which may lead to lack of phase operation. If the case is not reliable grounding, may be caused by the on an electric shock. Use or by megger series lamp test to determine the ground fault is not difficult. In addition to the insulation damage, interphase short circuit may also by metal foreign body inside a motor ( Such as iron, aluminum, screw, welding head, soldering, etc. ) Cause. Short circuit between coils is a short circuit between phase winding wires itself, so the winding effective number of turns and the current is too large. Can use the principle of transformer to check the turn-to-turn short circuit, to produce a short-circuit reconnaissance unit.

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