_ vacuum pump mechanical seal leakage repair methods

by:J&T     2020-05-30

vacuum pump seal leakage problem has been one of the major problems of engineers and technicians. Machine sealing leak will affect the normal operation of the equipment. If the vacuum pump is flammable or explosive gas, it could burn or explosion, cause the equipment stop or personal injury and other accidents. So what is the cause of the vacuum pump mechanical seal leakage?

1。 Vacuum pump mechanical seal assembly improper

change when the end seal, not installed in the process of remove the mobile ring sealing o-ring. O-rings should be installed in the mobile ring seat sealing groove, remove the inspection found that the o-ring is not installed, but spring positioning dislocation, causing the spring deformation failure axial seal completely. The role of the leak.

2。 Vacuum water pump seal cooling water pressure machine

by spring mechanical seal ring sealing force on the mobile ring. When the cooling water pressure, water pressure ACTS on the static and dynamic loop. Due to the static ring is fixed, the pressure will push the mobile ring and the opposite direction along the static ring compression spring, so as to weaken or eliminate the static and dynamic torus. Sealing force lead to leak sealing surface.

3。 Static and dynamic ring vacuum water pump seal surface rupture

power end and the power end confidential seal assembly on the same shaft, impeller installed in the middle of the shaft, the bearing support is fixed at both ends of the shaft. When change the power end alone or when the power end seals, must remove the corresponding end bearing ( Bearing) , and then you can remove the old machine seals, seal and install the new machines. At this time, due to the gravity of the shaft and impeller, bearing support at the end of the loss. Impeller and shaft must collapse, axial tilt without end. Because the separation of the static ring by pump bolt is fixed on the end cover, so the mobile ring fixed on the shaft and with shaft rotation, and because the static ring ring and axial clearance is small, axial collapsed, can lead to:

a. Do not move for static ring at one end of the relative displacement, the static, ring seal face mutual extruding, cause chip;

b。 Axis pressure directly in the removal of static ring on the inner ring of lead to static ring sealing surface rupture or fracture.

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