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by:J&T     2020-06-02

water ring vacuum pump is used for engineering equipment of vacuum pump. When we use device for a long time, leakage will happen. This kind of phenomenon will caused a lot of trouble for the equipment. Let me introduce equipment leakage solution.

if the shell shell burst, suddenly burst and water leakage, or the internal parts of the vacuum pump damage and lost pumping action, you can appropriate change of related parts to eliminate the fault.

2, water ring vacuum pump leak emergency treatment

1, in the process of mechanical drive or operate, water seal will often leaks. As long as there is no water valve damage or expansion, deformation, water shortage or breakage of elastic, can for emergency treatment.

2. The specific method is:

1. If due to slight leakage water seal was not sealed, and the wear is not serious, could be a piece of glass or tablet with emery cloth, and make the water seal of the sealing surface is smooth.

2. Bakelite water seal can be used after inversion, but should pay attention to the water guy and stainless steel vacuum water pump body contact surface polishing in order to ensure the sealing performance.

leakage in three, water ring vacuum pump work

1, if we find the water ring vacuum pump is leaking, we must immediately shut down and cut off power supply, to keep it stable at very low speed, add water to the cooling system at the same time the water discharge at the same time.

2. Note: open the cover when the water injection, please put a cover on it. This is to prevent water vapor burning, engine cooling, short-term lower speed and drive before move to nearby.

4, water ring vacuum pump damage very serious

1, if the pump was badly damaged and conditions on the way, no maintenance, can be directly connected to the vacuum pump, outlet pipe, in order to make full use of the natural circulation of hot and cold water to temporarily maintain engine at room temperature.

2, pipe or barrel can be used as firmly fixed container. Can two hose from the container, and a connection to the engine inlet, another root connected to the outlet of the engine. Root canal at the other end of the inserted into the container, the hose should be firmly fixed.

5, water ring vacuum pump in the pump shell only crack

if just burst and leakage of the shell, you can clean the cracks, and then use glue to repair. To an emergency, can add the egg qing cement mix into a paste and apply on the cracks, solidification can be used in a few minutes.

in order to fundamentally solve the problem of leaking of water ring vacuum water pump, we can conduct a leak prevention work every day, and regular maintenance, maintenance and cleaning work, this will help to reduce the occurrence of failure and improve the work of equipment. Efficiency and prolong the life of the effect is good.

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